How great is your expectation?

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When you see Jesus do you see solutions? Or has your church experience so far taught you that God doesn’t really do much nowadays?

It wasn’t always that way.

 In the times of the first century church, they went and got the sick people and sat them at the side of the road so that when Peter’s shadow fell on them they would be made whole. Such was the reputation of the church then!

Is that what people hear about the church today? Or do you expect to go to church to hear a speech – or maybe to enjoy a performance.

We are a generation whose expectation of Jesus is so low that we have resorted to explaining God, instead of meeting with Him, and we have crammed our church life with so many other things to fill the gap. We know everything that is going to happen when we go to services and if we miss a week, we don’t feel that it is that significant. In fact, going to church is more of a duty than anything else for most folk.

How did your God become so predictable?

There is no hiding the fact that many things we call “church” nowadays are not really churches by Biblical standards. Jesus said that the church would be built on the foundation of a revelation of Himself, but that can only happen if the Holy Spirit is powerfully at work in every gathering.

When Jesus walked on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35, the two disciples he walked with, one of whom was Cleopas, Jesus’ cousin, failed to recognize Him until the Holy Spirit opened their eyes to know who He was. The fact is that you cannot perceive Jesus in the flesh. Revelation of who He is can only come by the power of the Spirit of God, whose whole assignment is to glorify Him and to take everything that is His, and give it to you and me!

How surprising is it that so many Christians don’t have a fresh revelation of Jesus when the operation of the Holy Spirit has no place in church services? Pastors package God to maximize their numbers and fail to honor the sacred things that have been entrusted to them.

If I say, ‘Let’s stand up and spend some time in His presence,” will you be bored? Do you feel that there would be any point in trying to connect with Him in those moments?

So many have lost confidence in touching the Lord as a way out of life’s dilemmas. Yet in Jesus’ day the crowds knew that if they could only touch Him, they would be made perfectly whole. (Matthew 14: 34-36)

Are you waiting to see what they can offer you at the hospital? Are you pursuing the business deals with more intensity than anything else because you see that as your greatest hope of financial increase?

Or are you single-mindedly saying within yourself, “I must touch the Lord. As soon as I touch Him I know my issue will be resolved.”

Any church that wants to subtract the work of the Holy Spirit from their church services, and just focus on the finished work of Jesus, has forgotten that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as His agent into the Earth.

But as we make room for Him, and set our trust once again in His power and goodness, we will take off! Our lives will become truly supernatural, and we will know as we walk with Him day by day, that something far deeper and greater is happening to us than just on the level of our intelligence and our natural efforts.

Why not lift your hands to Him right now, and declare His sovereignty over your life, and trust yourself to Him and to His ability afresh? You will be astonished at how quickly things start to change!

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4 Comments on How great is your expectation?

  1. Lord, I declare your sovereignty over my life today!

  2. excited to watch Him move!

  3. I surrender to the work of the spirit of God within me.

  4. That’s powerful amen for that we go to church to seek God’s interference in our lives.

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