Changing Seasons

Enjoy Life!


As a Christian did you know that you have transferred your citizenship and loyalty to the Kingdom of God? You are no longer your own, living our life for yourself, you have been born from above – you are an agent from another world, sent to turn the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdoms of our God and His Christ.

Our perspective and our expectations as believers are different from natural human beings. For example, in the world people expect the best things in their lives to come when they are young and strong, and when everything is new and fresh. Once they get towards the end, they write themselves off; they don’t expect much and they stop hoping and caring.

But Jesus once attended a wedding at Cana, and towards the end of the celebration, the wine ran out. Instead of declaring the best of the party over and done with, Jesus took jars of water, and turned their chemical composition into wine. In fact, it wasn’t just any old wine– it was the best wine of all! People were astonished that the host appeared to have saved the best wine until the end of the party!

In your life, what has happened, has happened. You can’t change it. But you can stir up your faith to receive the best that you have ever had! If you will set your expectation, God will outdo everything He has already done in your life in this coming season.

Seasons of change can be times of great insecurity. The passing of one season and the onset of different circumstances and stages of life, can destabilize you; but you can be secure because your God NEVER changes.

If you stop expecting good in your future, your heart gets sick. It is a very subtle thing, and you may hardly even notice it, but you wake up feeling weary and little things can seem insurmountable. But God is saying to us that He has saved His best until NOW.

Don’t write off the remaining weeks of the year – or indeed this coming season of your life. God is reaffirming His promises, and if, as the people of God, we can set our faith, there is no limit to the miracles we can see in our lives even before the year is out!

It’s not over for you – the best is just beginning. Now you believe and receive that!

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4 Comments on Changing Seasons

  1. Thank you Sir. I am expecting the miraculous in the last few weeks and I believe and receive that in Jesus Name, Amen!

  2. Thank you Lord for this massage which is your word!

  3. I receive it Pastor

  4. Amen for that I belong to the Lord almighty

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