Going after your dream

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Many people don’t realize how powerful a relentless, tenacious spirit is. They go after their dream in life and then someone says something that contradicts their hope, or something happens that seems to cut off their expectation, and they park their plans and let their life be directed by what seems possible for them.

What you have to understand is that every successful person is a self-starter. If you don’t learn how to get yourself excited about the goodness of God and all that He has spoken to you about, you will never step into the fullness of all that He has for you. Nothing moves until you move.

Regardless of what is going on in your life and around you, your success is not dependent on anything else but your determination to win based on the Word of God. Be determined to live out your destiny and don’t ever settle back into a life that is handed to you.

No one needs to pump me up, get me excited or babysit me when it comes to pursuing my dream. I decided years ago that I am going to be the hero of my own story, and I wake up every day determined to give it my best.

God has an amazing future for you, and nothing will bring it to pass as much as a refusal to give up.

If you are discouraged today, I am praying that you receive strength to get up and start again. If you have run out of answers, I am believing God for supernatural grace to kick in; if doors are being closed in your face, I declare today in the name of Jesus that you will have preferential treatment because the God of the breakthrough will visit your house once again.

Don’t give up! Remember, we win – and losing simply isn’t an option for us.

I am praying for you. Please remember to pray for me too, because we all need one another.

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4 Comments on Going after your dream

  1. I believe the God of my breakthrough will visit my house again, Amen! Am praying for you Pastors.

  2. Janet Phiri // October 9, 2015 at 9:19 am // Reply

    That’s powerful thank you for that encouraged I am doors were closed but God will visit me for sure. Amen I thank God for that hallelujah.

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing this today! My daughter came over just now, and I was able to share this with her. She has had some very disappointing news, today, which has to do with our family building a Christian Assisted Living the bank is asking for more $ for them to okay the loan needed for such a HUGE endeavor. She had the dream to do this a few years ago, and the opportunity finally came up for it to happen…it has been a 3 year process to find the land, people to be involved…etc. It ALL appeared to be going well, with building to begin by November 2015, and the building finished in May 2016….Well, now the whole plan is on HOLD and only a MIRACLE will take it to the next level. You see, our daughter and son-in-law are going to run this 20 bed facility and it is going to be a Christian Home…family owned and run. SO, I opened up this message and read it for the first time, just as she got here. GOD IS IN CONTROL and she was very encouraged by your writing, as was I…..THANK YOU…..I appreciate your words to us…which encourage and challenge us to be ALL God has called each of us to be and to NEVER QUIT OR GIVE UP!!!!!

  4. victoria kacheche // October 11, 2015 at 2:33 pm // Reply

    Amen!i receive it

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