Conquering the realm of the impossible

Zambia 10-3-15 6

The quickest way to fail in life is to trust your own ability and to crown yourself your own god!

Did you know that you can be in church and still living this way, since being in close proximity to the things of God doesn’t mean that you are placing a demand on His ability for your life.

In Mark chapter 5, there were plenty of people touching Jesus, but only one woman touched Him in such a way as to withdraw from Him the power that she needed to be made whole.

If you’re not tapping into the power of God, you have no choice but to live like a natural man, Yet we are born again, and we can switch from the natural realm to the realm of the spirit when we want to, and see the normal course of events interrupted and circumvented. This is the realm of the miraculous.

Every miracle is the intersection of the Word of God that is given, and faith that is acted upon. The combination can be likened to a chemical reaction such as when hydrogen combines with oxygen in the right proportions and all of a sudden water appears. No one knows where it came from – it was something entirely new that was the result of the mixing of the two elements.

The elements for faith are there but we have to mix them! We have to have bold, obedient action that proceeds out of believing the Word that has come.

Let’s talk about what it means to believe for a moment. Believing causes an issue to be resolved in the mind and heart. There is no uncertainty left. If you are still wondering if you will be healed, you haven’t believed the Word on it yet!

If I believe a chair will hold my weight, I don’t give a second thought to sitting on it. I simply sit on it.

If I believe that my car is in good working order, I simply switch it on and drive. I don’t stop to pray long and hard that my car will work.

When you are facing a challenge, and the Word of God comes into your situation, it will give you seemingly ridiculous and impossible instructions.

There was a group of friends who tore up the roof to lower their paralyzed companion in to where Jesus was ministering. Jesus told him, “Take up your bed and walk!” At that point he had a choice either to throw himself into the realm of what was impossible for him on the strength of that command, or to lean on his natural reasoning, which told him he couldn’t do that.

Notice that when he chose to act in faith, it was in response to a Word that God gave to HIM. We see so-called faith-failures, when people try to imitate someone else’s miracle by copying what they did. But there are no group bookings with God. If God didn’t tell you to give your car away, don’t do it just because your brother did it and received a Mercedes Benz! If you do it on that basis, you will be walking!

When the Word comes, it enables you to do what you could not do before. Things change. You have been in debt all your life until the Word comes that your debt is cancelled. You have been unable to walk all your life, but when the Word comes, your legs are made strong.

Faith is so simple that we have missed hundreds of opportunities to see the power of God!

Instead of acting when the instruction came, you froze. Instead of obeying that still small voice, you hesitated, and had to watch someone else go in ahead of you because you were distracted.

But right now is take off time! This is your moment to move forward. This time, when the Word comes, you won’t miss it. There is a fresh wind of the Spirit in your life and the longstanding issues that have kept you down are about to be resolved. The nations are waiting for us to take hold of the promise of God and manifest His Kingdom in the Earth.

Let your voice be heard as you respond to Him now, “Lord, I believe!”

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5 Comments on Conquering the realm of the impossible

  1. Hallelujah praises be to God

  2. Wow, amazing! Today I was thinking of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, that when she made her decision, she went expecting. Thank you Sir for sharing this.

  3. Amen

  4. victoria kacheche // October 6, 2015 at 1:32 am // Reply

    oh i believe in Jesus name. … on as am writing something impossible has just happened. …my faith is so strong

  5. Lord I believe amen and amen for that powerful sermon it strengthened me.

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