The value of friendship

9-27-15 2

Did you know that the purpose God has for you to fulfill with your life is far greater than anything you can accomplish by yourself?

In case you haven’t realized it, strategic alliances and partnerships are vital to undergird all that God wants to do in and through you. In fact nothing of significance will happen in your life outside of the relationships you invest in.

Ask yourself, “Who are the top five people around me?” The answer to this question will tell you where you are going in life, since you will never rise higher than your immediate circle of friends.

In fact, God may have a BIG plan for you, but it may be on pause because you are connected to the wrong people!

Sometimes people have only one kind of friend – that is what creates cliques. But God has created you with much greater breadth than that. Every relationship is a door into another world, and we grow by what every joint supplies, so make it your aim to cultivate some great friendships with people who are heading in the same direction in life as you are.

As you do so, make sure that you go in with an aim to GIVE, not with an agenda to take. Give without any ulterior motive; it’s amazing what doors God opens for you when you selflessly share your life with others.

There is a reason why some people continue to prosper and to rise up – it is because they live life by the laws that govern it! Build your friends up and don’t take advantage of them. Make room for them and release goodness towards them. If you will freely give, you won’t have to worry about receiving!

Don’t let your enemies define who your friends should be; and don’t hang around people who suck your energy. Do they call you into foolishness? Or do they provoke you to do and be better? You decide.

You shouldn’t spend time with people who just want to gossip about others, and talk about what they can’t afford! How about making plans together for reaching a generation with the Word and the anointing!

If your friends are competing with you and trying to keep you down, you need new ones! No one can ever take your place or steal your portion. What God has prepared for you is uniquely yours. You can afford to be generous in relationship and lift others up. You will never lose out.

Good character is what you are looking out for as you seek to find friends. That doesn’t mean people who have never made mistakes; character is about track record. If a person is constantly making mistakes, then there is an issue of character, but if he or she is a person of integrity and yet has some missed steps, that is called being human! You are safe with that person as a friend!

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4 Comments on The value of friendship

  1. Dorcus Rammotlana // September 29, 2015 at 10:24 am // Reply

    Thar message has made me look around me, has uplifted me somehow, I thank God Almighty, it is by His Grace that I came across it. Glory be to God

  2. Good advice, am taking it on board. Thank you Sir!

  3. Amen and amen these are powerful words of wisdom I learnt a lot we should be wise when choosing friends

  4. Amen I pray God would connect me to the right people for me to know his plan for me

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