Secrets of success

BReakfast and Word

It’s been my privilege to mentor and coach people over the years such that they can lift their game and rise to higher levels of living. I want to share with you some characteristics of what it takes to win in life, because having the will to win is not enough; you must also have the will to prepare.

People who win make their success personal – it is about them, and not about impressing others or proving to anyone that they are better or more talented than them. Winning will always be rooted in the mentality that this is about me, fulfilling my assignment, and being faithful to the thing that God has called me to do.

Winners are those who hate losing even more than they love winning! Develop and attitude that you just have to get this thing done, and you will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

One of the greatest determining factors to winning, is who you hang around! If you keep company with people who talk about others all the time, and discuss their problems as though there are no solutions available, you will never rise higher than you current status. Stop saying, “I can’t afford that” and start to say, “How can I afford that?” – And then use your creativity, resources and ideas to make things happen that would otherwise be closed to you.

People who are successful don;t like to be with people who make excuses, in case you haven’t noticed! Excuses are for the one who doesn’t mind staying average. And don’t sit around waiting for someone to help you – you have to believe that it is your destiny to succeed, and because of that it’s going to work! Not because of anything other than because you said so!

Choose a mentor wisely. Not everyone who wants to mentor you is the right person. Not everyone who says they are a life coach should be the person to speak into your life. The question is: are they further ahead than you in the arena where you are going? Your assignment determines your mentor – plus they must have something to show for their own success.

Don’t just prepare and work in good times – in fact the bad times are the best time to prepare. It is in those times that people are leaving you alone and you are not being called on. You have to like your own company and set yourself to build a life and leave a legacy. Champions aren’t made in the ring; champions are made in gym!

We don’t like commitment because we feel tied down, but commitment is exactly what you want. Once you begin an endeavor, make sure that you are in partnership with others who are invested, and who have something to lose if this fails. Don’t ever go to war with someone who can just walk away and it cost them nothing.

Finally, stop engaging in silly stuff that isn’t leading you to where you are going, and don’t be scared of what people will say. People talk because they have a mouth, and half the time that is all there is to what they say! They can’t stop you from succeeding, because you will not have what they say – you will have what YOU say!

You are as powerful as God made you to be, so don’t give your power away to others because you are in bondage to them and what they think. Decide once and for all, “I care only about what God called me to do and I am faithful to that assignment!”

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7 Comments on Secrets of success

  1. Ian Wilkinson // September 24, 2015 at 8:47 am // Reply

    Wow this is so good. From last night’s periscope broadcast right? Love it

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  2. Amen thank you powerful words of wisdom I benefited much I will revise your teaching daily

  3. Thank you for the message of encouragement.

  4. nyc inspiration…Success made simple

  5. Reblogged this on Delphino Machikicho and commented:
    Real talk from Pastor Ramson. I enjoyed this article for my morning devotion.

  6. Read this from the re-posted version placed on Delphino Machicikcho’s Blog. This was the splash of cold water across my face that I needed. I am awake. I am re-focused. To God be the Glory!

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