The touch that releases power

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Many people are stuck in life because they cannot understand how to get past the traumas of their past or how to reverse the outcomes of the mistakes they made.

Psychiatrists and counselors encourage people to dwell on past memories and to analyze the motives and attitudes that developed as a result.

Pastors preach messages series called “Ten ways to get rid of stress” and “Five ways to beat depression” and people flock to hear because they have come to believe in answering life’s problems with their minds.

Motivational speakers and authors bring a sense of hope at the time of hearing, but it fades soon afterwards, when the realities of life crowd in once again.

None of these things tap into the power of God, which, if you will connect even for a few moments, can wipe away the traumatic memories, heal the emotional wounds, bring turn-around, and lift the whole life of a person in one transaction!

You don’t believe me? What about the woman with the issue of blood, in Mark chapter 5, who when she touched the hem of Jesus garment, felt in her body that the sickness she had carried for years was gone in an instant!

Not only that, but Jesus told her, “Your faith has made you whole” That means that her financial situation was taken care of, since she had spent all she had on doctors’ bills; her social needs were also met, since she would have been an outcast due to the nature of her sickness; plus anything else that was vital for her wholeness was put into place in that moment.

In one touch, that woman’s entire life was restored!

We have heard so much about the process, and we’ve come to expect to have to wait years for our answers, yet there was something about that touch such that all that could happen instantaneously?

It is clear from the story that it was far more than mere physical contact, because crowds were thronging Jesus and bumping up against Him constantly, and yet Jesus felt virtue leaving Him at her touch only.

It is also clear that it was the woman who initiated this, because Jesus looked around to see who had done this thing. Notice that she did it, not Him!

This is how it took place.

Jesus was loaded with the anointing, and she knew it. She found out from the book of Malachi that the Sun of Righteousness would arise with healing in His wings, (Malachi 4:2) which refers to the hem of Jesus’ garment, and she became certain that her healing was available in the person of Jesus.

Not only that but she made a decision that she would get that healing.

Then she used her words to declare the end from the beginning, and finally she acted on that decision.

Because of these things, her touch was electric. She literally stole the power she needed to be whole from Jesus without His consent! That is the extent of the privilege as believers that God has given us!

Why is it then that so many New Testament believers are like that thronging crowd, who bump up against the things of God every week at church and yet they get nothing?

Christians don’t understand that they are a house built on the edge of two worlds; they have the ability to function in the natural world, and an ability to step over into the realm of the spirit and turbo charge their lives with the aid of the anointing. They make confessions, sing worship songs and even pray, but it is all in the flesh!

Have you ever felt that your prayer is just hitting the ceiling and you are alone in your room? It makes you want to give up praying, because it feels dry and empty.

You were so close and yet so far from the spiritual realm.

I refuse to be in worship and not touch the Lord. I refuse to pray and not experience the oil flowing, because there is a touch that will release the power of God and a touch that will leave you the way you were.

I am like the woman with the issue of blood: I have decided that I will not stay the same, but instead I will touch the hem of His garment and make a demand on the anointing I need to make me whole.

And this is the incredible part – once you make the decision to get up out of that place of stagnation; once you make the decision that you aren’t willing to stay at a closed gate; you aren’t willing to stay unemployed, or sick, or broke and in debt, there is no devil in Hell and no human being on Earth who can prevent your advance.

Instead of sitting in self-pity, remembering what they did to you, and what they said about you; and trying to work out what you feel about it and why; you declare the end of your faith; “God is going to use me for His glory in this generation and He will open doors for me that no man can shut!” “God has healed me and I will walk again!” “I will go to this interview and they will hire me and pay me a top rate!” The time that you spend telling us what happened to you, you could be using to move forward by the power of the Spirit. Remember that God moves when you move and He acts when you act.

You don’t have what others say about you; you will have what YOU say about you. You won’t have what the statistics say is your portion – unless you agree with the statistics and accept their authority to determine your outcomes – you will have what YOU say is your portion according to the Word of God.

And then get into the presence of your Heavenly Father and worship until you sense His presence. Don’t try and come in without wooing and romancing Him with a song! Then wait on Him and surrender to His will. Don’t rush, but tell Him that whatever He has for you is OK, and let your heart be still in His presence. After that you can present your request to God and watch how quickly He answers.

As you come into His presence today, what will happen for you? Like the woman in the story, YOU decide what will be released towards you from that flow of power.

Become used to operating in the realm of the Spirit! Supernatural manifestations are your inheritance. Now you believe it and receive it!

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3 Comments on The touch that releases power

  1. Wow, this is Powerful! I take that! One statement that spoke volumes to me is, “Your Faith has made you WHOLE.” I realized ‘WHOLE’ meant everything that pertained to her life had been made WHOLE. That made me realize when you believe in Jesus He doesn’t leave you almost whole, but He leaves you WHOLE. Thank you Sir for such an awesome Blog.

  2. Hallelujah amen for that

  3. Amen

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