The power of counsel in your relationships


As Christians we have to learn to trust the anointing! The anointing is not an “it”. The anointing is the personality of the Holy Spirit and He will open up horizons for us that were previously out of our reach.

The fresh opportunity that many are looking for this year is in the area of relationship. Maybe you tried and failed at being married successfully; or maybe marriage has eluded you up to this point. The anointing is able to change things for you.

The anointing manifests in seven ways: wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, worship and reverence for God, and discernment. (Isaiah 11:1-2) Increasing the anointing on our lives means that we will increase in all these areas.

All of these anointings will play a part in breaking through the ceiling that has been on your life, taking you to your desired destination, but in the area of relationship there is perhaps none more valuable than the anointing of counsel.

It is one thing to have a dream and a desire for the type of relationship we want, and an entirely different thing to be able to achieve it. The anointing of counsel provides the practical know-how for every day behavior that takes us to the place of living in the midst of our dream.

Do you know people who tell you confidently that they would know exactly what to do if they were you? And yet they don’t have any great relationships of their own!

Counsel is not based on theories or generalities; it’s tailor made insights and advice from heaven for your situation! Counsel is an anointing and it will remove the burden and destroy the yoke!

Counsel is the ability to see ahead and foresee what is going to happen as a result of your current actions and choices. Proverbs 20:18 tells us that plans are established by counsel.

Whatever your plans, you need to open your life to counsel. You are about to give your life to someone, without asking anyone about it? You are about to go to war without any counsel!

You’ve been together two years and in that time he has moved into your house, he is eating your food, watching your TV and asking you for pocket money. Yet he said his plan was to buy you a house! A plan is just a pipe dream without counsel.

A woman will stick with you if she can see progress. If every time you save a little money, you come up with new plans, you lack counsel. It’s never the one thing that makes you money. Don’t look for a quick fix.

You say you haven’t found the right woman, and that is why your relationships don’t work.  The anointing of counsel will prompt you to say to yourself, “Maybe I am not that good…that’s why she’s always upset; that is why she always wants to leave.”

If every time he says something you shut him down, then he will stop saying anything. He may be quiet, but it is venomous quiet. You thought you have a happy guy, because he never says he is unhappy; but you didn’t know how much of an issue you have on your hands!  A truly happy man is the one who can freely say when he is unhappy.

If your marriage is in trouble, don’t go to someone else who is struggling. You need to talk to someone whose eyes start tearing up when he talks about his wife; the one who says, “Where would I be without that woman?” Not the one who tells you that you don’t have to live with a woman who doesn’t respect you!

Look at those who have gone before you and practiced the principles and got the results.

Counsel shows you how to intoxicate yourself with your wife or husband every day in order to feed your love for one another.

Counsel will show you how to make yourself into someone who refuses to emotionally disconnect. This generation doesn’t understand commitment, and doesn’t want to have to forgive anything really. There is no relationship that will last if you don’t commit to forgive one another

You say to your kids, “When I gave birth to you I signed up for everything that you would bring. I’m not withdrawing from you now at your moment of your greatest mistake. I’m on your side!”

You can’t build anything if you only want shallow waters. You are like the man who wanted to build his house upon the sands; he just wanted to live it up on the beach all the time without needing to put in any work. There’s no power in that.

If you keep changing the job and the friends when they make you mad, you need a new attitude.

If you want a family that you can be proud of, you will have to decide to be able to handle some ups and downs, and let God counsel you through it all.

You can have your heart broken but you still come back home. As you decide to act as God acts, and take the wrong instead of making the one who is wrong pay for it, you will find that God is quick to heal you of every hurt. You used to feel bruised for weeks, but now you are OK again in a few days.

Don’t try to live with a fake image of what a successful relationship looks like. When we have a difference we go straight to each other. You can be right and she can be right at the same time, because your perspectives are different but neither is wrong. We work together on a third right. You can hurt one another without even realizing and it takes courage to make progress.

As you build together you create a union that is greater than either of you on your own. If everything in the house has been chosen by one of you that is a sign that there isn’t room for you both in that relationship yet. You may as well have married yourself! But if you will let the anointing of counsel speak to you, you will see something supernatural happen.

Let the anointing lift your life, and trust Him to take you there.

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2 Comments on The power of counsel in your relationships

  1. Harrison Manyoma // August 12, 2015 at 10:13 am // Reply

    Praise the Lord. Great word from you Pastor. Strong, straightforward, yet truthful and sincere.

    I read it and it comes at a time where it is truly needed.

    God bless you and your family and all you touch and say.

    Blessings, Harrison Manyoma

  2. Amen and amen am truly anointed

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