What do you need right now?

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Much of what we call Christianity in this generation is focused on meeting felt needs.

Messages in church are all about beating stress, conquering depression and getting the life you want.

We have “seeker sensitive” services that are tailor made not to offend unbelievers with anything that is too “extreme” or different from the worldly culture they are used to. We don’t speak in tongues in church so that we won’t scare someone away, and we won’t talk about the blood of Jesus because it is too gory for the children!

We have become a generation that thinks it can prescribe its own medicine, believing it understands its own sickness.

Proverbs 16: 25 tells us, “There is a way that seems right to a man, and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death” (Amplified)

It took me some time to reach the conclusion in life that God is always right. His ways are perfect and He is the one who truly knows the end from the beginning. Because His knowledge and understanding far exceed ours, He is the ONLY one who can truly give us what we need.

That is the most frustrating and annoying lesson to learn, because you can be so SURE that you are right; but when you look back later on what you were proclaiming with such confidence, you are embarrassed! You were loud and wrong!

How often have you complained about a person you have to deal with on a daily basis who is getting on your last nerve?

Let’s take marriage for example. You pray and believe God for a husband or wife and celebrate your union, happy that God answered your prayer and you have the man or woman of your dreams. But then you discover that he or she is not made in your image! Significant differences that you were not properly aware of at the beginning, or which you thought would simply go away with time, start to emerge clearly and prominently.

If you believe that you know exactly what you need in life, and your spouse clearly no longer matches that, you will quickly reject them, and become motivated to find an alternative. You will conclude that they are unable to meet your needs. You probably won’t stop to consider that this person you prayed for, may actually be God’s answer to issues that you weren’t even aware of in your own soul.

Gentlemen, your wife will see in you potential that you didn’t know you had, and will bring out of you amazing qualities that you didn’t think were important, if you commit to loving and preferring her through all the frustrations of accommodating her differences. Not only that but for what it will do in you, to overcome your irritation and prefer her when you naturally want to reject her, you will become the caliber of person that you never thought it was possible to be!

Ladies, your man will guide you into a level of grace and distinction, born out of the kind of trust that results from yieldedness, which you would have otherwise missed because of your determination to do things your way. As you place your fears and insecurities on one side, and trust that God knew what He was doing when He brought this man across your path, you will be able to access a new kind of strength that isn’t rooted in independence, but in self-mastery.

Your choice of a spouse might not have been the one you would make with hindsight, but God knew all along the kind of person you would choose, and He’s not surprised by the issues you are facing. In fact He already had a plan from the outset to bring you out on top!

Regarding others in your life right now also, maybe the awkward boss and the challenging cousin are exactly what will help you to discover how awesome you can be, as you dig deep within yourself to be able to walk rightly in the situation you find yourself.

Ultimately, the real reward in life, is not the cars, the houses or the rewards and accomplishments; the real reward is the person you become.

Do you want to fuss and demand that others be made in your image? Or are you willing to receive the people that God prepared for you, so that you could go to the next level in life.

Remain teachable and place yourself under His Word, so that you will number your days rightly and acquire a heart of wisdom. Allow Him to place people next to you who provoke your greatness. That may not always mean that they will celebrate you all the time, because, although that is important in the greater picture, his or her words of challenge or correction may be the thing you need to hear right now!

He knows how to cause us to will and act according to the assignment He has given to us, and He knows how to get us to lay aside arrogance, fear, foolishness and insecurities, and any other issues that would hold us back, so that we will be able become authentic Jesus-focused men and women on the Earth.

When we stop being taken up with answering our felt needs, and desire to be people who have lives that don’t just LOOK right to outsiders, but which actually ARE right, we become an awesome testimony to the power of the anointing in the Earth. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish for Him!

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3 Comments on What do you need right now?

  1. Amen and amen to God I give all the glory

  2. Dunamis! Hallelujah!
    This is prophetic for me! WoW! full of revelation knowledge and wisdom. Thank You Jesus Christ for your faithful Jesus focused Man of God!

  3. pastor mumba each and every day when listening to your preaching.’ my life is transformed I love watching u every morning Gloria be to God because am beginning to understand who God really is in my life.

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