How sharp is your cutting edge?

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Ecclesiastes 10:10

If the ax is dull,
And one does not sharpen the edge,
Then he must use more strength;
But wisdom brings success.

Do you feel like it is taking you far too long to get anywhere in life? Is it taking far more effort than you thought it would to get promoted? To find a husband or wife? Or to raise a family?

When life seems hard work, maybe the problem is that the tools you are using are dull and not sharpened.

Wisdom is the edge we need for success. We are as sharp as we are wise. If life is going slowly and we seem to be going nowhere, it’s a sign that you need a sharper cutting edge.

Isaiah 11:2 teaches us that wisdom is an anointing. This is different from a word of wisdom, which is a gift of the spirit, and which operates whenever the Holy Spirit wills.

The anointing of wisdom, according to Isaiah 11:1 can rest on you, just as it did on Jesus, and give you the ability to get things right the first time.

Can you imagine what your life would be like now if you had gotten everything right the first time you tried?

How would it be for you if your first business was to take off? Or if you operated in the anointing of wisdom for that difficult child?

It bothers me that some people struggle for 70 years and never make a million dollars, whereas someone else makes a million dollars a day!

It shouldn’t be the case that ten years on you are still fighting over issues in your marriage that you should have been able to resolve in the first few years.

The irony of life is that people who need answers the most are the ones who often don’t come to get them. The ones whose lives are frustrating and hard work are too busy to acknowledge that they need wisdom.

There was a time when I thought I couldn’t pay attention to the Word because I was too broke. I was preoccupied thinking about my bills all the time, and working three jobs to pay them! But then I realized it was the other way around and that I was broke because I didn’t pay attention to the Word!

When you don’t think you need wisdom, that’s when you need it the most! When you think that you’re doing everything you know to do and it’s just impossible to get a breakthrough, that’s a sure sign that there’s a key you haven’t grasped yet. The best news of all is that God has invited us to ask for wisdom without shame or embarrassment. If you ask for wisdom, that isn’t an indication of your failure or foolishness, it is the hallmark of your spiritual intelligence!

The rewards of your newly acquired wisdom will blow you away. Riches and honor answer to wisdom, as do long life, peace and success. When you get wisdom, even your enemies will secretly admire you and like you! Life no longer takes you by surprise because the wisdom of God will show you things to come.

It says in Psalm 139 that all the days ordained for us are written in His book. That means that it isn’t a big thing for God to read to you a page that is further on in your story! That’s a manifestation of the wisdom of God coming to you by the anointing.

Every time you hear the Word preached under the anointing, wisdom is being released. God will talk to you about the specific situations of your life because there is always a voice behind the Word that will make you feel that someone has been listening to your private conversations, or there has been a video camera recording what is going on at your house! You will be amazed at how much you now perceive and understand, which was previously hidden from your mind.

As you actively seek wisdom, just as we are invited to in James 1: 5, that anointing will come upon you and cause you to go to another level in your life. Make it your daily prayer, “Lord, thank you for the anointing of wisdom. I receive it now, in Jesus’ name!”

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6 Comments on How sharp is your cutting edge?

  1. Son you are right on top of the issue. Instead of the commercial that says, “GOT MILK?”, we should all be saying, “GOT WISDOM?”

  2. CECILIA CHIMFWEMBE // June 23, 2015 at 1:01 am // Reply

    Thank You pastor, just what I needed. Our God is awesome!

    The Lord Is My shepherd I Shall Not Want…..


  3. Timely & powerful words of wisdom.

  4. Amen and amen for powerful words of wisdom hallelujah

  5. Amen for powerful word of wisdom

  6. edna mhango // August 20, 2015 at 3:32 am // Reply

    wow… thats so powerfull.. can anyone help me with DR RAMSON MUMBA email address. i need to contact him.. mine is

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