It’s never over for you!

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You may not know how you are going to accomplish all that you need to in life, but let me tell you – if you are born again, you have a helper. Jesus said that when He left the planet He would place us in a position of advantage, by sending the Holy Spirit into our lives.

Do you realize that to ignore the Holy Spirit is to throw away your advantage?

The Holy Spirit was sent to give us a supernatural way forward in every situation we face! That’s why we are never stuck, or stranded, or at a dead end. A Christian need never contemplate suicide. It is never over for the one who places his trust in God!

Let’s break that down using the example from the story of Samuel anointing Saul king in 1 Samuel chapter 10.

This story illustrates five areas of empowerment that the anointing provides, which you and I can expect and enjoy as believers of Jesus Christ.

The first is DOMINION.

Saul was anointed king. He was translated instantly into a position of authority. That’s the same for you and me.

God’s attitude to us regarding authority is found as early as Genesis 1: 26-28. As soon as man was created, God’s plan was to hand him authority. His approach is still the same today – He wants you to exercise dominion. He wants you to take your supernatural enabling and rule your world; to be able to buy whatever you want to buy, to be able to speak to your own body and see it working; to be able to come out from every place of oppression and fear.

As you recognize your right and power to rule, say it with me, “I won’t be dominated any more by life! I have ruler ship! I rule my world and I speak the blessing of God over everything that concerns me!”


Saul had the donkeys he had been searching for, for days with no success, suddenly returned to him.

Whatever the devil stole from you, the answer is the anointing. In fact the book of Joel tells us that God will restore even the YEARS that the locusts have eaten. God knows how to restore a lost childhood or a messed up youth. In fact He knows how to do such a good job, that you will not even remember the shame of your youth.

You hide your testimony because you think it diminishes you, but we didn’t get here by ourselves. I remember the time when I didn’t know how I would break addiction. I didn’t know how to pray eloquent prayers, so I just cried out to God, “Would you please help me! If you can do anything with what is left of my life, please help me!” God restored, and now I look younger than even when I was young. That is what the anointing will do!


Saul’s life was turned around in a day. In fact there was a quick succession of miraculous happenings that set his life on a totally different course.

You are going to move forward. You may not be where you would like to be, but you are not where you used to be. You only get high once a month instead of once a week. You don’t tell people where to go nearly as often. You aren’t whore-mongering anymore. You only get drunk at Christmas. You only get depressed twice a month. Don’t act like it doesn’t happen still! Others may not see the progress, but God sees it.

You won’t be on $20,000 a year for ever. Get ready to move from the apartment to the house! Get ready to leave your inferiority behind. Where will you be in ten years? Where will we find you? In what house? What car? What ministry? What anointing? The anointing will cause supernatural progress.


Saul had his donkeys returned to him without any fighting or trouble and he was picked out for promotion to kingship.

God knows how to point you out. He know how to lift you up; and when He lifts you up and sets you up for promotion, it is far better than if you had manipulated to make it happen.

You might be like Ruth, who was born the product of incest, with a curse on her. In other words you might be right when you say that you come from a place where things don’t work for people like you, but the story of Ruth is the clearest picture of redemption in the Old Testament.

One day she was gleaning for leftovers, the next, the entire field was hers! Even with a curse on her, a dead husband, a dysfunctional family and a mother in law who didn’t believe in her dreams, the favor of God made the difference. God is going to point you out, and shine His light on you. Keep walking. Keep making the next step. It’s going to happen in your life.

The fifth is A CHANGE OF STATUS.

When Saul met the prophets, he started prophesying with them and he was turned into another man.

When you find a prophet, who speaks the Word of God to you, don’t just listen to what the prophet says without saying the same thing! Start speaking it over your own life.

The only thing that is keeping you stuck is the lack of audacity to say the thing that is opposite to what you are feeling and experiencing. Prophesy over your life, “I was born to be a blessing. I make more money than I can spend.” The spirit of the Lord will come upon you. You can sense a movement, an excitement and a new hope.

You may have been overlooked for promotion. Other people who aren’t as good as you get promoted over you. You may feel lost and hopeless; because everything you have desired is taking too long. But don’t give up!

God says, “It is you I want.” The changes in your life will be swift and sudden and big because they will be by reason of the anointing.

You have a right to the anointing, because you are a believer; so press for it! When the anointing comes on you it defies logic. It is surprising and miraculous and it will transform the entire landscape of your life.

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11 Comments on It’s never over for you!

  1. Thank you Sir. I am taking this on board and pressing on knowing that God never disappoints.

  2. CECILIA CHIMFWEMBE // June 16, 2015 at 8:46 am // Reply

    Thank you Pastor for taking time to minister to my spirit and those of others who might be in a similar situation as me.
    May The Lord continue to use you and everyone who teams up with you in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation.
    I am always excited about what The Lord is doing in you and through you and through the entire House of El-shaddai
    God Bless you,

    The Lord Is My shepherd I Shall Not Want…..


  3. Thank you pastor for this message. I felt like God sent this right on time..

  4. Patrick Cobby Dadzie // June 16, 2015 at 4:08 pm // Reply

    wow , i’m bless by these words this is a prophetic word for me I don’t no what to say , and I no God is really speaking to me Pastor Ramson God richly bless you and your ministry .

  5. Reblogged this on PillBox.

  6. Amen for that that preaching is meant for me

  7. Amen for that I am also supernaturally favoured

  8. So blessed – thank you. So blessed you are my Pastor. Live long and strong with Pastor Estrella.

  9. Anonymous // July 9, 2015 at 2:44 am // Reply

    Amen for encouraging words I thank God for that.

  10. Steve Lameck // July 28, 2015 at 7:41 pm // Reply

    Thank you pastor for a such glorious life-changing messages. Now, i truly believe that,”…through the knowledge of God shall the just be derivored…” I am highly favored & blessed! I love you Pastor!

  11. thank Q Ur messages very encourage and increasing my faith

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