A mystery revealed

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The events concerning Jesus Christ, which we remember at Easter, are the most pivotal events in the whole of human history.

The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God, ushered in the New Covenant which marked the start of a whole new relationship between God and man. Not only that, but the power of God was released upon the Earth in a way that had never been possible before.

Up until that moment, the power and anointing of God had only come upon a few individuals, who had been the key players in the purposes of God in the Earth: Moses, Abraham , David and Samuel, to name a few. Now a new phenomenon was seen, a mystery that the Bible says had been hidden throughout the ages, Christ in every believer, giving every Christian access to the power and glory of God. When you realize that, you start to be proud to call yourself a Christian.

1 Corinthians 2:8 tells us that had the devil known the plan of God, he would never have crucified the Lord of Glory. Instead of wiping out the anointing in killing Jesus, the anointing has now spread far beyond his control, as men and women all over the world receive Jesus as their Lord. As believers, every cell of our bodies is constantly bathed in that Heavenly power.

So crucial was the knowledge of God’s strategy to the success of the plan of redemption, that in the ministry of Jesus, He was constantly trying to keep who He was under wraps.

But the powerful demonstrations of the anointing on His life caused word to get out. Thousands flocked to Him; the Pharisees couldn’t leave Him alone; people of all ages and backgrounds with distressing bodily suffering came to Him to be healed. Everyone was looking out for the Anointed One. His presence would settle the issues of their lives.

After his resurrection, when power came upon the believers at Pentecost, there was a continuation of the same miraculous things. The first church of Jesus Christ was an oasis of supernatural help for mankind; it was held in high regard in the world.

In all honesty we’d have to concede that what we call church in our generation is a different entity in every way.

So what were they preaching that gave them such glorious results?

All throughout the book of Acts we find the answer: they preached Jesus – the Anointed One! In fact, they preached that message so consistently and effectively that even unchurched, unbelievers knew about it! When Peter was sent to Cornelius’ house in Acts 10, it was clear that Cornelius already new about Jesus, such that he was all ready to receive him when Peter arrived.

Nowadays, even people in the churches haven’t heard that message! Instead they have heard “five ways to beat stress” and “ten steps to getting out of debt”. They’ve been taught the seven habits of highly effective people and endless strategies for success in business. But none of them know that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and that HE is the one who still settles the issues of your life.

How has this message been lost?

The Bible translators have played a part in this. They have failed to translate two key words into English: Messiah (Hebrew) and Christ (Greek). We’ve been trying to grasp who Jesus is through languages we don’t understand! Both of those words mean “The Anointed One”! Back in the times of the Old Covenant, everyone was eagerly seeking the Messiah – or the Anointed One – and in Jesus’ day, they understood that He was the Christ – the Anointed One again – but in church today, people think that Christ is simply Jesus’ last name!

Back then, people didn’t go to church because they liked singing in the choir, or because it was close to their home, or even because they liked the preacher – they went because they were hungry for an encounter with Jesus and His anointing

The mind-blowing truth is that Jesus is still anointed with that same burden- removing, yoke-busting power, and if we will give Him room and make Him center stage in our churches and in our midst, He does what He is anointed to do in our lives.

It’s time for pastors and church leaders to stop preaching themselves, and how they did what they did, and how God spoke to them and brought them out; it’s time to preach Jesus, because He will not share His glory with another.

Preach that Jesus is the one who carried your diseases and tell your body to line up. Your supernatural partner has to come in and do His part. You trust that Jesus Christ is anointed, because no one is a healer but Jesus.

No one can get you supernatural money, but Jesus knows where your fish is. No one can get your child home, but Jesus can turn their heart. No one can get you a man, but Jesus knows how to bring him from Australia. Nobody can fight your battles but Jesus can appear to your enemies in a dream and tell them if you touch him you are dead meat.

Don’t preach ways to take care of yourself! You encourage pride and self-reliance. But if we are ever going to see the lids taken off our lives and unlimited possibilities burst forth upon the scene, we will have to rely on the supernatural anointing that is on Jesus, and which is also now in us.

Take your eyes off the man of God, your own ability and shortcomings, your situation, the pain and the emotions, your limited capacity, your pressure. Take your eyes off anything earthly. If its’ provision you need, see him become poor so that you could be rich. If it’s healing you need, see the stripes on His back and healing flowing from His throne.

Take it and worship Him with it – just you and Jesus.

Together we are going to see the power and goodness of God restored to the church of Jesus Christ!


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