The Kingdom of God is power

2-27-15 6

1 Corinthians 4:20

For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power

There are so many Christians who have grown up in church and never seen anything supernatural take place.

In fact, in many churches it isn’t even about the Bible any more. If you take your cancer diagnosis to church, they will offer you some sympathy and a support group and watch you die.

When you get among Christians who don’t believe in the power of God, they honor you for how well you are coping with the treatment.

I don’t want you to congratulate me or sympathize with me. Don’t turn me loose until the power of God comes on me. We have authority and power and it is in the anointing. Being a carnal church, where everyone looks the part but there is no genuine passion for God, cannot be an option for us in this generation.

It’s time that Christians became spiritual instead of being so normal they are unable to operate in the realm of the spirit. Just talking about a supernatural God won’t do it; just celebrating that God is in the midst of His people, isn’t enough – even right there in His presence, believers will remain subject to the same things as unbelievers, until they engage with the anointing through action and bold faith.

Just like in Acts chapter 4, when the Christians were being intimidated to stop preaching the Word in the name of Jesus, they prayed for added boldness and power to see signs and wonders performed at their hands, so we must answer the voices of discouragement and unbelief in the world and even the church with the same response.

In fact I am after the demon that deceives Christians into believing that they can live the Christian life without the anointing.

The truth is that you are and I are full of power.

We are not sorry people having to deal with the demons of our fathers. We have power to resist sin. Grace is not a license to sin; it is the power to overcome sin.

You have to start the new trend in your family. Break away from the status quo and get hold of the power of God for your life and future. Don’t blame anyone for where you are because it will cause you to waste time working out whose fault it really is! Recognize, “Whatever the sickness or disease, however disturbing the fear and distressing the lack; however long the addiction has had its hold and however dark the depression seems to be, I have power over it!”

We are no longer content to fight for the right not to be supernatural. We have power to recreate lungs and ear drums and hearts. God is not subject to our intellect. Our God can move; He isn’t weak. Our God doesn’t condemn the wrong doer; His power isn’t blocked by a man’s sin. In fact He is powerful to demonstrate such goodness right in the middle of our human weaknesses and mistakes, that it will irresistibly draw the one who did wrong to love Him.

We don’t panic like the world panics when the doctor says its terminal. We don’t give up on life when storms come. We have the power to command natural circumstances and to take authority over everything that opposes the blessing of God on our lives.

According to Isaiah 10:27 the anointing will remove the burden from men’s shoulders and destroy the yoke from off their neck.

One thing is for certain, the common denominator with every human being is that somewhere, each one has a reason why they need the anointing power of God.

Everyone has something in life that causes them to walk more bowed over than they ought to, as if carrying a heavy burden. Everyone will find themselves, sooner or later, doing things that they said they never would do. You wanted to serve the Lord and have a great family, but something has you by the neck.

Even if right now you are only aware of your natural strength and you feel that you can make it by the force of your money, your education and your connections; pretty soon it will be revealed to you, that you have a profound need for the anointing.

In this year of Unlimited Possibilities, we will have to trust the anointing of God in order to see manifestation. It’s not going to come about in our own ability, but the power of God will get the job done.

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4 Comments on The Kingdom of God is power

  1. // March 4, 2015 at 8:58 am // Reply

    Amen and amen hallelujah powerful word indeed amen for that we thank God for the encouragement.
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  2. Amen Pastor

  3. Powerful Word, Anen! I trust the Anointing of God! Thank you Sir.

  4. Very powerful writing, just what I needed to hear this very moment. Amen and amen!

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