Unlocking the plan of God for your life

7-16-14 3

2 Kings 17: 8-9

Then the word of the Lord came to him (Elijah), saying,  “Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. See, I have commanded a widow there to provide for you.”   

When destiny shows up, it never looks like you thought it would.  I wonder if the widow at Zarephath knew at once that Elijah was her way out of her dilemma? Of if Elijah ever expected to receive God’s provision through the hands of a desperate and starving widow?

Yet as Elijah made a demand on her that she seemed unable to meet, miracles happened, that were undeniably the result of His power and grace.

When God gets hold of your life, He will take you a way you did not expect and will come through for you, only in a place where you KNOW it had to be Him. No flesh will get to glory in His presence, and if you are living to meet your own needs and satisfy your own dreams, you haven’t even embarked on the adventure that God has for you!

The truth is that we can own cars and live in big houses and enjoy marriage and family and money and health, but unless we are living for something far greater than ourselves,  all these things lack meaning and purpose.

The emptiest thing you can do when you get married, is to make the love you have for each other the sole aim of your union.

The most unsatisfying thing you can do with your family, is to make family recreation time the most important thing in your agenda.

The least rewarding thing you can do with your money, and all your resources, is to spend them on yourself.

When we become born again, our lives are eternally secure. We don’t need to chase after fulfillment like the world, since our blessing now comes from God, and not from our own efforts. Consequently we should not get the blueprint for what our families, our  relationships and our lifestyle should look like from the unbelievers around us.

We are called out to serve the purpose of God and to give the Kingdom of God the advantage in the world. That means that our lives will count for something of far greater significance than any of the “normal” pursuits that people fill their days with.

In this hour, it is crucial that we go higher; that we take on the responsibility for our generation and build our lives, families and natural arrangements around the Kingdom of God and its needs and demands.

Consider this: your life came from God in the first place. Your resources are all from Him. Your relationships, talents and abilities are all a direct consequence of His goodness in your life.

The health He gave you is so that you would have strength to build and serve His purposes. The money that flows into your life is to allow you to distribute according to His will. The skillset you enjoy is so that you can make your unique contribution to all that God is doing in the Earth. Just as in the days when Nehemiah was repairing the wall around Jerusalem, when each family took a section of the wall as their part in the project, your family has a part to play in building the Kingdom of God. Will the wall remain broken down at your section?

 Whether you spend it on the Kingdom or not, your life is being spent. You cannot preserve it. The best thing you can do is release it willingly into the hands of One who is able to keep you and your family in perfect peace, with nothing missing and nothing broken.

If you are wondering if you will be short changed as you put your own ideas second place to the purpose of God, let me remind you that it is impossible to put God first and come in last.

When you train your children to direct their efforts and focus towards the Kingdom, you won’t have to worry about where they are and who is influencing them the wrong way.

When you tie your finances to the Kingdom, you won’t have to fear recession or any other economic instability.

When you pour your time and talents into the Kingdom, God is no man’s debtor. You will be sure to reap wholeness and a quality of life that no amount of money, education or human wisdom can obtain.

In fact you will never truly be maximized in who you could be in this life until you allow God to call the greatness out of you. Like Gideon, you will be unable to perceive within yourself exactly who you are unless you let God lead you; and the way that God will call out your true strength, is by sending a genuinely anointed servant of God into your life to make a demand on you for the Kingdom of God.

As Elijah did that to the widow to whom He was sent, resources flowed and the widow’s life was taken to a whole new level. Not only that but the purpose of God for the nation was fulfilled.

Will you allow God to make a demand on you for His Kingdom purposes? I pray and believe that you WILL!

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3 Comments on Unlocking the plan of God for your life

  1. Good lesson for unlocking the plan of God for my life. Yes, I will allow God to make a demand on me for His Kingdom purpose.

  2. CECILIA CHIMFWEMBE // December 3, 2014 at 5:19 pm // Reply

    Thank you Pastor, this is just what I needed.
    May The Lord replenish you in every way.
    You are such a blessing to my life.

    The Lord Is My shepherd I Shall Not Want…..


  3. Thank you that’s powerful. 


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