Will trouble take you out or take you up?

DRM leading worship

Psalm 48:1

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised

When you get into trouble of any kind, the devil will tell you to start complaining. Before you know it, you have a complex: “They never hire people like me.” or “I’m just not young enough to be noticed by a man.”

If you’re not careful, the chip on your shoulder concerning that thing, will become the very reason why it won’t work for you as you wish it would.

It’s a trap! And without realizing it, you walked straight into it.

But don’t panic – there’s a way out.

You’ve got to start thinking of  your life from a different angle. You have to start realizing, “I may not have everything I want, but I am still in the game. To the living there is hope, and God woke me up this morning. He has been good to me! I may have lost some things in life, but I didn’t lose everything. I am blessed!”

You see, there is something about a person who is willing to praise God in the midst of their trouble… They won’t stay in that trouble too long. God always brings praisers out, because He cannot pass over a person who is willing to lift up his voice and honor Him with songs, or shouts of praise.

The fact is, that God is great! He is a great King and He is far above your problem. He isn’t trapped when you’re trapped, and He isn’t sitting in the little chair that you sit in right now. He is mighty and awesome and there is a river of life that flows from His throne.

You may be entirely comfortable when honoring your favorite sports team with a shout when they score, or when applauding a music artist or band with enthusiastic handclapping at a concert; but if you were in trouble, would they come to your aid?

God’s character and ability surpasses that of any human being, however amazing they may be. His nature is ALWAYS to do you good and give you the advantage. He isn’t like anyone else you have ever dealt with. More than anyone or anything else in your life, He is completely WORTHY of your applause, admiration, appreciation and loud approval!

Can you discern His hand in your present situation? He is the one who has kept you, preserved you, helped you, healed you, comforted you and lifted you up. He is the one who speaks tenderly to you about a future and a hope for MANY good days ahead.

Even when the shadow over your life seems too strong even to sense His presence, or to tell what He is doing, if you will decide to lift up your voice and make His praises to be heard, the shadow will have no hold on you. Just like Paul and Silas in the inner dungeon at midnight, deep in trouble and without any discernable sign of relief, the very foundation of the trouble that binds you will be shaken. and the doors of your prison will burst open.

In fact, if you will cast the care of what you are going through onto God, refuse to let the weight of it sit on your spirit, and make praising God your focus, you will have a Jehoshaphat experience.

Jehoshaphat sent the praise team ahead of the army that defended his people.

If you will send forth your praise, even before you call on your natural resources for victory, such as your intelligence, your money and the people you think might help you; you will find out that God is ready to fight your battles for you.

The Lord set an ambush among Jehoshaphat’s enemies and in their confusion they fought one another until they were defeated.

Don’t try to get delivered based on your own righteousness or on your own strength. Show up for the fight – send the application for that job, ask for that favor, but expect God to illumine the path ahead and settle the matter for you, once and for all.

The fact is that your life is not only about yourself. The real conflict in this world is the devil trying to beat up on God by getting to His kids. Let God defeat your enemy, all the while using him to get provisions to you, just like He did for Jehoshaphat.

Every fight can go one of two ways: it can take you out or it can take you up; it can be a crisis or an opportunity. Can you imagine that every lie that they told about you, God can flip it over and use it for your blessing?

Can you imagine that God would even use your trouble to bring something big to pass in the arena of His purposes? And that you will gather the spoils of war to such an extent that your recompense is way beyond what you deserve?

All of these things are accessible to the one who will praise God with wholehearted abandon – like King David who praised so hard that He embarrassed himself.

If you are going to praise, do it with passion. Lift up your arms and dance while you still can. Do something out of character to express to your God that He is worth it. Let your shout be heard and your joy be displayed. Let there be a sense of celebration at your house – Yes! Right in the midst of your pain – so that someone lese will even want the same joy that you have.

Whoever said that the appropriate response to trouble was to cry? Rejoice in the one who gives you glorious victory, and then stand back and WATCH what He will do!

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1 Comment on Will trouble take you out or take you up?

  1. This is really uplifting! Thank you Pastor.

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