Courage to dream again

Making the point!

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Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. (AKJV)

If you are ever wondering what God is thinking about you, this verse settles it. He is always planning a way to make you whole. If something is wrong in any area of your life, He is working to perfect everything that concerns you.

In fact, even more than that, He is working to conclude every matter according to your hope and expectation.

Concerning the thing that has been preoccupying your attention of late, what is your expectation?

If you have gotten to the point in life, where you no longer think that much good is coming your way, and you choke at the promise of God, which says that He will bless you, you are in good company. Abraham also got to that point, having waited for the promise over his life to be fulfilled for more years than his hope could stretch,

But despite the accounts of this in the book of Genesis 17, where both he and Sarah laughed at the Word God spoke to him concerning his son Isaac, Romans 4 still remembers that Abraham “staggered not at the promise of God”

So what was it that took Abraham forward from that point of unbelief and caused him to become so successful at getting results? Not only that, but something also cancelled out the memory of that unbelief, so that it wasn’t even on his record.

It says of Abraham, that against hope he believed in hope. That means that when all natural reasons to hope had been exhausted, Abraham found a source of supernatural hope that carried Him through to victory; that hope was from the Word that God gave to Him.

Abraham’s circumstances caused his natural hope to die; but in God’s economy, life always comes out of death. Death is not an end, it is another beginning. At that point the life that was in the Word that God spoke to Him, and ignited in him an unreasoned hope – a hope that was fixed on God’s ability alone. A hope that had nothing to do with Abraham’s own efforts or strength; a hope that gave him the courage to dream again and to see the end of his faith.

Every believer needs to access that same kind of hope, and they can by getting the Word on their situation and letting it paint an image of victory in their minds until their expectation lines up with that Word.

Life is designed to rob you of hope. It sends a storm that is enough to quench your natural strength and tame you to the point where you receive instructions from your circumstances about what outcomes you can expect in life.

Most people have learnt to live with misery, and they stagger at the promise of God’s goodness because the storms of life have pressured them to expect things not to work.

In fact the negative experiences of life have caused them to develop what the Word describes as, “wicked, unbelieving hearts” (Hebrews 3:12) Unbelief is not just a lack of belief – it is impossible to believe nothing. If you don’t believe what the Word says, you believe something else. If you don’t believe that God is your healer, you believe you are subject to sickness. If you don’t believe that things will work in your hands, you believe that what you attempt will fail.

I refuse to let life tame me, and you should too. Like me, you were born to set your own sail and not be driven by the winds of life. Even in the face of much trouble, we still refuse to stagger at the promise of God. Staggering affects forward motion, but those who stay steady on the Word, will be carried forward by it even in the midst of turbulence all around.

You and I weren’t sent here to determine whether or not we should be blessed. That simply isn’t our part. God has already established that, “In blessing I will bless you…” (Genesis 22:17) Even if you are already blessed, God will bring more to your house according to your ability to hope and expect it based on the Word.

You will never make it in life if you will only believe what you can see. Whatever you are facing, find out what the Word says about your situation and then let God speak to you about that Word until your fearful expectation for your outcome changes, and instead you have Bible hope. You see an end that is filled with goodness and success. It’s true that there is an evil day, but the Bible also tells us that we can have many good days.

If any9one has a right to be healed, to be anointed, to be wealthy, to be successful, to be sound, to have relationships that fill your life with peace, and to shape a generation with the Word of God it is YOU!

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8 Comments on Courage to dream again

  1. I refuse to let life tame me! I have a right to be healed, to be anointed, to be wealthy, to be successful, to be sound, to have relationships that fill my life with peace, and to shape a generation with the Word of God.

  2. mukisa sunday // September 3, 2014 at 10:44 am // Reply

    your a blessing to me GOD bless u more

  3. Leandra Palmer // September 7, 2014 at 12:10 am // Reply

    it’s really hard but I must believe.

  4. Pastor Javaid John // September 10, 2014 at 1:14 am // Reply

    Very very blessed to me , great words infect because this by the conviction of Holy Spirit. I am regular reader of EL SHADDAI INTERNATIONAL.

  5. Dorcus Rammotlana // September 28, 2014 at 3:07 am // Reply


  6. kayiza ronald isaac // December 20, 2014 at 8:50 am // Reply


  7. Your words always bless me and my husband. Stay anointed man of God.

  8. l am learning a lot but this has richly
    blessed me. I know God wil fufil his promises i. my life.

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