No one can set limits for you

Matthew 28:19
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
After 17 years of pastoring, I have concluded that the most effective form of both evangelism and discipleship is church planting.
This photo is of some of the UK pastors whom I have had the privilege to train in the ministry, and to release into their calling to teach and lead God’s people in different cities.

I celebrate my team and El-Shaddai family who have come to embrace and execute this GLOBAL vision that God has committed to us.

I am so blessed that they have understood that the Lord gave the Word or vision, but great is the company of those that published it.

It’s because of them that we can have churches on three continents and four countries all functioning effectively especially when I am not physically present.

I believe in building and training excellent teams because what God has called us to do is too huge to be accomplished by a single individual, and what we build together will outlive us all.

I wonder what impact a lot of ministries would have had if everything didn’t have to revolve around one person?
Pastors behave like celebrities and build their ministry in such a way as to protect their personal interest first, rather than giving the advantage to the interests of the Kingdom of God.
The New Testament is replete with examples of people being sent out and commissioned by local church leadership, but today it is a very different picture. Churches have become platforms for the men of God to do their thing. Even though people will be raised up around the pastors to assist and serve, God help the soul in that number who believes He called them to the ministry because they become a target of mistrust and suspicion.
May God give us leaders, who will use their influence to build the Kingdom and not just a personal empire.
I strongly believe that’s the heart of God. 
If you are a leader and you recognize yourself in what I have said, its not too late. Maybe you  followed the examples set for you and you didn’t know better maybe because that’s all you have ever known.
If you are a member, faithfully serving another man and believing God to come into the fullness of your calling, don’t start to question the validity of your gift, because maybe you have been told that you will never amount to much.
Don’t let people set limits for you and control your destiny when the truth is that nobody really knows another’s potential until they start trying and applying themselves to their purpose.
Personally, I am shocked at what God had done through my life and in that sense I am glad I didn’t listen to man’s opinion of me. I praying for you to be strengthened today and you won’t turn coward and relent.
Pastors, as you contemplate the realities of giving space for the gift of another to flourish, I want to reassure you that, instead of your influence or honor diminishing, it will actually increase. Better yet, you will become a better steward of God’s people because He didn’t just send gifted people to you so they can watch you perform.
You have a sacred duty to release gifts into the body of Christ and the world at large.
It’s true that you can’t call anybody into the ministry, but you sure can and should release those whom God called under you.
It’s just like it is in the natural realm when your kids start to grow up and mature. If you keep treating them the same way you did when they were young, you might conclude that they are rebellious; but actually it’s you who are failing to discern the changing season.
I pray that before you finish your race, you will at least experience the joy of FREELY RELEASING someone and making ROOM FOR THEM in the Eternal Purpose of God.


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4 Comments on No one can set limits for you

  1. Amen Pastor, to God be all the glory! we are called for such a time as this, no man holds another man’s destiny and it is God who has imparted these different gifts unto His works of His hands and it’s Him who orders and directs the steps of one’s destiny to fulfil the purpose which one was created for in order to establish his Kingdom here on earth. Hallelujah to the Most High God!

  2. I praise God for your precious gift.

  3. Lois McNair // May 23, 2014 at 7:52 pm // Reply

    Wow Pastor you said a mouth full and then some. You are so correct in those words of truth and wisdom.

  4. Anonymous // May 25, 2014 at 8:25 am // Reply

    Thank you Pastor Ramson for that word of encouragement, i am serving under a Pastor and i am trusting God to plant a church very soon, may you pray with me.

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