Naked And Unashamed

Genesis 2:25

And the man and his wife were both naked and were not embarrassed or ashamed in each others’ presence. (Amplified)

Marriage is designed for a man and a woman to live together naked and unashamed.

This is a profound picture of what it means to be in covenant with another.

Firstly this describes the sexual union of the couple, which is a spiritual joining of a man and woman via a physical act. Too many good Christians have belittled the value of sex within their marriage because they believe it is too unspiritual; but if the godly woman would give attention to ministering freely and warmly to her husband, she  would find out that he can speak in tongues after all!

This picture also describes the honesty and openness that the couple is called to as they relate together. This is crucial to the success of the union.

 In fact every marriage is as strong as its policy of full and unambiguous disclosure. A marriage where there are secrets and hidden behaviors of any kind is a marriage that is under threat of breaking down.

It is the responsibility of each spouse to disclose. She should be able to look at your phone, brothers. Sisters, he should not be nervous about what you are talking about with your girlfriends concerning him. Neither should have to prize information out of the other, or indeed ever get the feeling of being kept out of an area of their spouse’s life.

Conversely it is also the responsibility of each spouse not to ridicule or belittle or despise the weaknesses of the other to the point where they shrink from being open because of it.

This degree of intimacy should not be shared with any other person to quite the same degree. It belongs exclusively to the marriage covenant and is a very strong anchor within it.

If you will become someone who, instead of joining the crowd of critics that inevitably show up when your spouse makes a blunder, you will continue to believe in him or her and be a place of safety and restoration to wholeness, you will truly be acting in line with your Redeemer’s heart.

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3 Comments on Naked And Unashamed

  1. Amen!! Thank you Pastor Mumba for being a light to this generation. Glory to God for you shine the brightest among Pastors!

  2. // May 20, 2014 at 4:09 am // Reply

    Doctor Mumba I always get inspired by your teaching. We were together at chamboli secondary school same class in grade nine. I remember how you could preach to the class. .
    Kindly send me some material on marriage.
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  3. Words of wisdom, for sure.

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