The Word is on a mission

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Proverbs 4: 20

My son, attend to my words; consent and submit to my sayings.

As a believer, I am all about results. There should be something to show for your determination to sit under the preached Word and serve God.

Many believers are like the captain on whose arms the king leaned in 2 Kings 7:2, they see the Word, but they don’t eat of it. It never yields the results it promises in their lives. This is the saddest life of all. You know what is available, but you never experience it.

We know from Mark chapter 4 that when the Word is sown it goes into the heart. From there it can yield up a harvest of up to 100 fold in the person; life – that is ten thousand percent! That’s what is possible for you to obtain.

Yet still people find themselves with little return on their investment.

So what is it that causes the human heart to get results out of the Word?

As you go to church this weekend, consider these two words as you hear the Word of God preached: consent and submit to the Word you are hearing.

First of all you must make sure that what you are hearing is the rightly divided Word. Does it build you up, or fill you with fear and condemnation? if so it isn’t the Word, it is religion.

But when the Word comes concerning your deliverance, your breakthrough, your purpose, your healing, or your provision; take note of the way that you must hear it for it to yield up it’s fruit in your life.

First of all you must CONSENT to it.

That means that you are going to have to acknowledge that it is true. You must give your consent for it to be able to truly enter into the soil of your heart.

That means you stop fighting the Word that says you are healed, or prosperous or blessed. You consent to it. You consent to being the head and not the tail; you consent to 1000 people falling at one side and 10,000 at the other, but remaining safe. You simply receive it with the same degree of confidence that you receive the Word of a doctor or attorney.

The Word of God is on a mission in your life. It wants to bring something about. As you consent to it, you release it to act. As you SUB (meaning under) MIT to it, you come up under it’s mission and allow it to take you somewhere.

It’s only as you consent and submit to it that the revelation of it will be made alive in you. And it is that ability within your spirit to not only hear the Word, but to see it, that causes the power to be released into your situation.

The average Christian is waiting for God to perform Him Word in their lives, but God is waiting for people to see it in their inner man, before they can see it outwardly manifested.

As you go to church this weekend, give your consent to the Word you hear; come up under it’s mission and allow it to form a vision on the inside. Don’t dismiss it in the light of what other things you think you know; just yield to it. It has power to produce – let it produce in your life.

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4 Comments on The Word is on a mission

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  2. I believe that is a good encouragement. Because without yielding your spirit to the word of God how can we prove him. He is the author and finisher of our faith and faith without works is dead. So when I or anyone else hear the word they just don’t hear they got to put action to it or how is the result going to appear.

    God is a God of his words he cannot lie so it is up to me or the individual if they want to put it into action. But my aim and determination is to put his words into action and just do not sit and wait for it to happen or I will just be there and getting no where.

    God’s promise is that he will provide, protect, heal and delivers. His words are there for us to use into our situations. The reason why we are suffering so much is because we are not taking God at his words and putting them into action. And we make doubt and fear cloud our minds. When we are encouraged to have faith in God and seek him first and his Kingdom and righteousness. But we go the opposite way seeking the riches first before his righteousness.

    That is the reason why we get into so much mess in the first place because we run before God and do what we have to do and even cause sickness on ourselves. It is time we are to get out of this situation running before God and wait on him.

  3. Hannah Pease // January 26, 2014 at 3:27 pm // Reply

    This is awesome J

    Hannah Pease


    El-Shaddai International Christian Centre, Bradford

    01274 724557

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