Access granted!

Romans 5:1-2

Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand

Did you know that, if you are born again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your relationship with God?

You have been declared righteous by faith, not by works, but by faith; and therefore, whatever has gone on in your life, or is going on in your life; you now have peace with God.

That is the best part in the whole world.

And what is more you can’t do anything to wreck it! Not because everything is right with you, but because everything is right with Jesus. All you have to do it believe in what He did for you.

I am not afraid because I have peace with God. I am not running away because I have peace with God. It is the wicked who flee, not because they are any worse than you and me, but because they haven’t received their gift of righteousness and they are afraid that they have no help to obtain victory.

But the righteous are as bold as a lion.

In fact you are so confident that it can make people think that you are arrogant, but the truth is that you have peace with God. They don’t know your source.

We have access! We can access the things that God has prepared for us.

The greatest gift anyone can give you is access.  If you don’t have all the money to pay upfront, but you have access to the people who can help you and show you favor, that is better. It you have access to the strength of God and the wisdom of God, you can turn it around whatever you face. God loves me too much to leave me stranded. I have access to everything that He has.

What would you do if you could literally get into God’s treasury? If you could literally take anything you wanted out of His house, how would you act?

When the devil picks a fight with you, you know that he is going down because you have access to the armies of Heaven. Jehovah Sabboath is on your case.

 You don’t need to be concerned about what you are and what you’re not; you have access granted to what you don’t deserve. Get yourself out of the equation, since it doesn’t rely on you!

If you are fleeing from trouble, you are going in the wrong direction. We don’t flee, we stand our ground and tell the devil, “I have access to whatever it takes to win.”

Our God is real. I hear the sound of breakthrough in the house of El-Shaddai. I hear the sound of power and the abundance of rain. We have access; that’s what’s up around here. You aren’t stranded because you have access to everything you need.

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