Where would you go if you just got out of jail?

DRM preaching Week of Breakthrough

How many people can say that the safest place they could ever be is with their church family? How many churches would be the first place you would go if you just got out of jail?

And thirdly, if you go to church, are you confident that you are growing and experiencing an increasing degree of wholeness in your life?

At El-Shaddai, this is the place we are creating together. This is our vision.

As we make God’s name great in our midst and operate by the uncompromised Word and the anointing, it is coming to pass even now.

Is this too outlandish a boast?

No, because there is a subtle fundamental which makes all the difference to the trajectory of our life and ministry. If we can address it, success will not be an accident.

It is true that most people don’t feel safe in church, and most people don’t grow in church. They are just as mean and sad as ever, thinking the same way and seeing no different outcomes. They have no one alongside them with whom they do life.

The reason is that we are the generation of the individual: “No one else can tell me what to do”. We are the generation of the humanist: “Nothing else counts but me.”

No wonder when you get stuck in life, you think of suicide. You go to a church where everything is politically correct instead of Bible correct. You have no one about whom you can say to yourself, “Let me consider what that person is saying.” And if anyone dares to tell you that you are wrong, it is an offense and an infringement of your personal liberty. And yet it is the anointing that will remove that intolerable burden off your life.

When you come to the ministry, the anointing is on the man of God, not on the organization. Every man of God comes with a unique anointing that flows only through their lives. The anointing that is on my life will attack the burden that is on you.

At El-Shaddai we recognize that this flow won’t truly happen without relationship. There may be a form of honor, but it will be shallow and forced,  and that is why we place such an importance on operating relationally. As a result, structure, titles and rules are few and far between. Where there is a need for these things, it is because of an absence of relationship.

As a pastor, I don’t stay aloof; I am among the people, loving them and being accessible to them. But the time still comes when the people have to create a gap for the anointing, and to step back and take instruction. If you want to receive an anointing that is on a man of God, you will have to yield in order for it to flow. But because there is relationship, this is not a controlling thing, it is a rewarding part of our journey together.

As we flow together under the vision, we aren’t doing ministry together, we are doing life together. We are most “at home” when we are together, because of the depth of relationship we share, and as we all operate in honor, it comes right back to us, since that is the order of God.

That is the El-Shaddai I see!


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1 Comment on Where would you go if you just got out of jail?

  1. Awesome! The safest place I could ever be, is with El-Shaddai Family.

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