Please stop chasing after God

When Adam sinned, he went and hid himself from God in fear;  but look at God’s  compassion – In Genesis 3:9 He got up and came looking for him, calling to him as a father calls for his lost child!

Then God took on the responsibility for cleaning up the mess that Adam had made.  He took the weight of the consequences on Himself and slew an animal to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness.

It was all God’s initiative to come and find Adam and call him out of his place of shame, and give to Him an opportunity for redemption.

So why is it that Christians are taught in church that it is their responsibility to pursue God?

Believers are laboring under the impossible responsibility of finding God, of loving Him and of impressing Him; and then falling into despondency because they cannot even stick to doing what is right, or inconvenience themselves to serve Him or bring Him their tithe as they know they ought.

This is a doctrine from Eastern religion, where the worshipper has to do something sacrificial to please their god; but Christianity is a love relationship with a God who has sacrificed Himself to make all humanity whole.

You are under pressure when you feel you have to go looking for God, since no one has ever loved God with all their heart and strength.

The truth is that God came after you when you were doing nothing to please Him. He decided that He wanted you.

The reason you ever became conscious of His presence was because He revealed Himself to you. You only tired of sin  because He drew you to Himself and He put it in your heart to love Him, even when you didn’t want Him.

He picked you up first and that was why you responded. He healed you before you got your attitude right; he promoted you when you were cheating the system, He blessed you when you weren’t where you should have been. Even when you were running from God like Peter after the crucifixion, He gave you so much fish in your place of resistance to His will, so that you could decide that fish alone weren’t enough for you, and you would be ready to yield to Him. You cannot even tell the fullness of your testimony because the goodness of God is embarrassing!

You will never see me acting important in God’s presence – He put it in my heart to love him, in spite of myself.

In the light of this, would you please resign from the position of pursuing God and let Him pursue you? In other words, would you yield to Him?

 Your life may be in pieces just now, but there is so much good in your future because our God can be trusted.

Today, let Him know,  “Today I resign from pursuing you. I yield to your pursuit of me. I release myself from the pressure and I receive your goodness. Today is the day when I rest in your love for me. You love me too much not to deliver me.Whatever you want for me, that is enough. I know that you will never mismanage my life. You will never leave me stranded. You are my father and I trust you. I receive your best even at my worst. I have nothing missing and nothing broken because of you. Thank you for drawing me to yourself.”


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2 Comments on Please stop chasing after God

  1. Dickson Musoni // November 20, 2013 at 9:05 am // Reply

    thanks alot for this post and all the others before. May God bless you


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