Can God get your attention?

In life, people spend the best of their energy and youth on themselves, trying to discover themselves and to accumulate assets for themselves. They haven’t woken up to the fact that you haven’t even begun to discover how awesome you are as a human being until you have begun to focus on someone else’s interests to make them better.

Why wait until you are old and grey before giving your time and focus on the purposes of God?

In order to really grasp what that is all about, you will have to let God interrupt your life!

If you will only entertain things that make sense to you, you will live a small. self-absorbed life . You cannot see or dream very far. Your dreams will be large in your own estimation, but you defined your whole life based on your own understanding, not knowing that there is a deeper and far more profound definition of what could be in your life, if you would allow God to disturb your preconceived notions, and cause you to go in a whole new direction.

In 15 years God has taught me some significant lessons. Your life doesn’t start until you have decided to live for something greater than yourself. You haven’t even gotten on the ladder of what the scripture calls significance if your entire pursuit and the circumference of your life only encompasses your interests: just your family, your health, your wealth and the things that will yield a natural dividend.

There is greatness on the inside of you and therefore God’s plan is something bigger and deeper. There is a different way to live your life.

We are truly the generation of the individual; “Nothing else counts but me! It is my life and I will do whatever I want. I don’t want a pastor telling me how to live my life.” It is no wonder that depression is so common.

Yet the fullness of your potential will only be released via a connection to a man of God who will preach the Word and talk about character and provide an atmosphere of accountability and grace. If you don’t have anyone in your life to whom you will say, ” Yes sir!” regardless of how you feel, you will see a measure of
success, but never THE measure of success. Your life will stop short of the masterpiece that it could be, unless you will yield to a bigger picture and operate in the context of a Kingdom environment.

Allow God to arrest your attention to the bigger picture. Start today to wake up to more than you have seen before. Let Him show you the new thing He is doing in your life, and above all, allow the Kingdom of God to take pride of place in your heart.

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3 Comments on Can God get your attention?

  1. // November 11, 2013 at 11:30 pm // Reply

    Amen.thank you for the words
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  2. Excellent Dr. Ram:
    We must follow the Man or Woman of God, as they follow Christ. Then and only then will we have THE God kind of natural and spiritually success! Keep those blogs coming.

  3. Amen, I will allow God to get my attention than focusing on myself, family and achievements which will limit my God given potential to fulfill my purpose as am called and created to solve other peoples problems according to God’s Master Plan, glory to the Most High God who is the respector of no persons and uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, hallelluya to the Rock of Ages

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