There is a door of escape

Thoughts of Today

John 15:1

I am the true vine and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He lifts up…

God has called you to be connected. He will never call you to detach from Him or from the church, which is His body. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated this generation has become, God has called every Christian to be part of a church, since that is the place where we work out our life with Him.

He will never call you out of the body, even if you have been hurt, because the church is also your place of healing. If you disconnect, you can’t survive long.

As a believer you are connected to the vine; you are one spirit with the Lord , but left to your own devices you are a danger to yourself. There is nothing as destructive as living an unaccountable, unexamined life.

In fact, every mess in our lives is the result of a disconnection from the Lord. It happens when we exalt our own thinking and emotions above God’s and take decisions based on human reasoning and determined desires, rather than on the counsel of God.

If you like and respect yourself you will place yourself into an environment where you can be stretched. Look for people who are not impressed with your strength but who challenge your weaknesses.

You run a heavy risk of missing God’s voice if you have no one to challenge you to do the Word. Foolish friends will exalt your feelings and accommodate your immaturity. They will facilitate you staying average.

It’s time to yield to God’s way of doing things. Our lives are not our own; they were bought with a price: the precious blood of Jesus.

The trouble with human beings is, that they get too smart too soon. They run ahead and take paths in life without even consulting God, flying in the face of God’s Word.

The most painful thing we ever have to realize is that God was right all along. He was right when He said go to church because He knew it would keep our spirits strong enough so that we wouldn’t fall into all kinds of temptation. He was right when he said to forgive because maybe we could have kept that relationship. He was right when He said not to meddle because He knew what else was in the equation. He was right when he said obey your parents, because He knew there would be things we couldn’t do by ourselves.

He was right when he told us to give, because He wanted to open up a supernatural flow of provision into our lives. He was right when He said, “Read my word so that it can frame your thinking, so that you don’t become like the world.”

He was right when he said, “Seek my face before you do something,” because He can see things that we don’t know about.  He wasn’t trying to cramp our style when He said, “Don’t do that,” because he was aligning some things in the background for us, but we thought he was going a little too slow for our liking. With hindsight, we know He was right; He was right when He said to be patient.

If you become too clever too soon, you find yourself trapped. The scripture says that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. That is true, but sometimes it can be a LONG NIGHT. And you can get to the place where you can hardly enjoy the change of season when it comes.

If this is where you are, I minister this to you from the heart of God: every exit you have missed I release the grace for there to be a supernatural door of escape. Whatever opportunity seems to have been lost in the natural scheme of things, I release the grace for the door of escape. I bind every demonic and satanic force that may be hindering and impeding your advance, I speak an open door. A door of hope in your valley of weeping: a door of escape.

Now pray this to your Lord: Heavenly father I recognize that your instruction is my life. I make a decision to stay connected to the vine. Today is the day I lose my willfulness and surrender my will to you. I declare not my will but yours be done. I yield to you, in Jesus name.

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3 Comments on There is a door of escape

  1. This is Powerful! This is so true, if we pluck ourselves from the Vine, we wither away. Even the Psalmist said, those who are planted in the House of the Lord shall flourish. Thank you Sir, the blog really Blessed me and I got understanding that whatever God says is for my benefit.

  2. Amen Lord, in your Will there is peace and joy forever, I choose your Will not my Will

  3. Amen I recieve my door of escape in JN amen

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