Does God make you nervous?

The majority of Christians today are relating to God as if we are still under the Old Covenant. They are uncertain, even fearful of what God will do with their lives.

Many pastors are aggravating the problem by preaching that believers have to repent and live right before they will see God’s blessing come to pass for them.

But in the New Covenant, the rules of engagement with God changed. Jesus’ death and resurrection ushered in a totally new era, since the sacrifice He made of His own life was an overpayment for the sin of the entire world.

When, on the cross, Jesus cried out, “I thirst!” He wasn’t talking about a physical thirst. He was expressing His readiness and capacity to drink the full cup of God’s wrath for sin, such that if there was anything left not dealt with, He was ready to take it.

Since that is the case, God’s goodness is released to us freely, before we are ever born again. Jesus’ life and ministry is a demonstration of this pure grace that is being ushered in.

For example, to the woman caught in adultery, He had nothing to say in accusation. He gave her the gift of no-condemnation before He told her, “Go and sin no more.”

After the crucifixion, Peter wanted to go back to fishing. Jesus, coming onto the shore, didn’t rebuke Him, but gave Him such a huge catch of fish that he was embarrassed at how good the Master was to Him. It was afterwards that Peter changed His mind and decided to become a fisher of men.

We don’t need to labor under the fear that God will demand anything from us before He shows us His goodness.

He isn’t waiting for us to get it right with Him. He is the one who sent Jesus to take care of the issues in order to make us right with Him.

That is why we freely worship Him.

Think of where you could have been if He hadn’t shown you his goodness. You might have overdosed, or lost your mind. You might have lost your family or sunk into a life of hopeless addiction.

Not only has He brought you this far, but He is ready to be so good to you in the days to come that, like Peter, you will be embarrassed at the extent of His grace.

Whatever happens in your life, God is not shocked, or caught by surprise. He is looking for someone to bless; it might as well be YOU!

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2 Comments on Does God make you nervous?

  1. Very true, its up to us to make it up to Him.

  2. Amen, thank you for revealing that when Jesus said, “I thirst”, it was not a physical thirst but was saying He was ready to drink the cup of the wrath for sin.This revelation lead me to Matthew 20, when the mother of the sons of Zebedee asked Jesus if her sons could sit one on his left and one on his right. Jesus’ answer was, “Are you able to drink from the same cup am about to drink?”

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