Relationships that rock

Enjoying one another 3 3-22

The company you keep will determine the ceiling of your achievements in life.

If you hang out with eagles, you rise higher than you ever thought you could. If you stay around those who talk impossibilities and think small, you will be kept back in your own progress and accomplishments.

It’s possible to have relationships that push you towards your divine purpose. People who can handle your passions, your hopes, your dreams and your issues and who believe in you and love you.

Star and I are believing that for everyone reading this, God will give you a thorough relationship make-over in order to facilitate the fulfillment of your divine purpose and total life prosperity. May this be the day when all the people who belong in your future also begin to emerge, find you and connect with you effortlessly. This is the season in which God is going to set you up real good.

Those you are around you  for the sole purpose of taking advantage of you and your influence, love,
resources and skill without any sense of reciprocity and without genuine affection for you will receive a summary dismissal from the Lord out of your life and you will have the opportunity to discover who your REAL friends are.

Relationships that rock are not chance, however. There is a wisdom that comes from Heaven to enable you to operate in a healthy way with others.

One thing is for certain, it is impossible to build an authentic relationship with ANYONE, based on secrecy and dishonesty. You don’t even have to pray about that one! The best way to build a real relationship with someone is to avoid playing games with one another, and relate honestly and openly. This applies to friendships as well as affairs of the heart.

If you are a believer and you can’t keep your snake in its cage, you already know that you don’t have the gift of celibacy. So, its time to stop breaking hearts and messing with people’s emotions and destinies and man up by finding someone you can love and give your whole self to them and to the
purpose of God! Real men commit because nothing of significance ever happens without commitment.

Acknowledge and handle the validity of your own sexuality. Don’t try to bury it, and don’t be a slave to it either. Recognize that sex that is not for keeps always end up depleting a person’s soul, regardless of how exciting it may seem while it’s going on, and commit to putting sex in its proper context: a committed marriage covenant.

You also realize that there is no such thing as a casual date! Don’t fool yourself, or try to fool others. Take responsibility for the relationship you are exploring.

My wife and I add our faith with yours today that the Lord would give you that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat and causes your liver to quiver! We speak relationships that bring peace, purpose, joy, and contentment and which position you for greatness.





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1 Comment on Relationships that rock

  1. Amen may God reveal my real friends in Jesus name

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