Nothing is too much for God

Isaiah 6:8

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

Sometimes people think that the lifestyle we lead, preaching almost every day, travelling between continents to preach and opening new churches in more and more cities, is motivated by personal ambition and private advantage.

The truth is that they simply don’t understand the heart beat of God.

There are many times when I hear the weeping and broken hearted cry of the Father search and wondering, “WHO WILL GO FOR US?” Is there anybody in this generation who will be so moved by the eternal purpose of God that they will give their time and energy and passion to His purposes?

Will that be you and me or will God have to wait for another generation to rise in order to accomplish His purpose and the completion of redemption?

What I can’t understand are the Christians who think that we do too much for the Kingdom. How can ANYTHING be too much for God, in the light of what He has done for us?

What keeps us awake at night, is that eternal souls may perish if nobody pays the price – whatever that maybe – to tell them about Jesus.

I really pray that Christians will again get God’s heart and perspective on life and people. Heaven and hell are real and that really bothers me and drives me to tears when I see the complacency and indifference of believers – Christians who would rather live as though their lives didn’t count.

Have we really become so carnal that our generation hasn’t got many people who would sacrifice their lives for the cause of Jesus Christ? Are we really going to be the generation of “me” when eternal souls hang in the balance? Lord have mercy!!

I have concluded that there’s no security in this life apart from God. Even those who withhold their finances from God’s Kingdom end up losing them in bad investment and those who hold their lives back, usually end up being eaten up by the frustration of knowing that their lives could have been more than a mere natural existence.

I have nothing to say to those who think ANYTHING is too much for God. He is my life and the length of my days. For he that must have life must first of all lose it. That’s God’s way. It’s way of death first before you can ever experience a resurrection.

So I will gladly be spent on the GOSPEL!! What about you?




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2 Comments on Nothing is too much for God

  1. charli k.Lubasi // October 2, 2013 at 8:30 am // Reply

    always great to hear from you man and woman of God I really like your consistency and you seem to strike me as a couple which does not beat about the bush but call a spade a spade.Jesus is really being heard through you people and maintain the spirit because I think integrirty seems to be a bit of a problem in the body lately Godbless,charli K.

  2. Wow Dr. Ram and Star, I can literally hear my mother playing the piano singing, Here am I Lord send me! We were not saved to become complacent but to go for God. I’d rather be burned out or used up for God than to feed my flesh accomplishing nothing for the kingdom.
    God Bless and keep the both of you, in the center of his will, Edith K.

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