The story of a worm in an apple


Romans 5: 19

For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.

In order to enter into the realm which we call Christianity, you have to accept that as a human being, you are sinful.

That is a choking point for many people; but it doesn’t need to be if we have a correct understanding of sin and of what God has done about it.

Because of the widespread teaching of the Old Covenant, based on the ten commandments, people think that sin is the result of what you do.

But this is erroneous. People don’t become sinners because they sin. They sin because they are sinners.

You and I were born sinners, and that is why we break the laws of God’s perfection and fail to meet His standard of righteousness.

We became sinners by one man’s sin – that of Adam. The only thing we had to do was to be born of Adam’s race.

You see, when God sees the human race, He sees it as a whole. That is why the sin of one man was credited to all of us.

No matter how long we try to do good things, it doesn’t change our nature.

Psalm 51:5 tells us that we were conceived in sin. It is the very essence of our un-renewed humanity that repels God.

We can spend our whole life correcting our behavior and still be a sinner, because it was through one man’s disobedience that we became sinners, since God saw us In Adam.

But then God did a new thing; He credited the sin of Adam’s race to Jesus. Everybody’s mess became Jesus’ mess.

The punishment for sin, the consequences of failure and falling short of God’s standard, was given to Jesus.

All the judgment and penalty was absorbed in His person on our behalf.

Finally God took the righteousness of Jesus and credited it to you and me.

From now on we are pleasing to God, not through our own efforts, but by getting in on the transactions that God made on our behalf, by accepting their validity and necessity, and choosing to embrace Jesus Christ as our personal savior.

In the light of this, we realize that It is silly to think we can change our eternal destiny based on our behavior. When we try to do better than the next person, we may feel better about ourselves, but nothing eternal is changing, until we get on board with God’s way of doing things.

Sin is like a worm in an apple. It was conceived in the blossom and although the apple may still look good outside, sooner or later the worm will appear as it eats its way out.

Some people look good, whereas others have their worm already on display, but church people make the mistake of rejecting or accepting people based on whether their worm is visible.

Don’t pretend that you have no worm, just because it hasn’t come out yet. All men are born equally sinful and all men are made equally righteous in Jesus.

Our personal dignity is restored. Just as nothing we did created this state of righteousness, so nothing we do can destroy it.

Receive the credit of righteousness right now! And live at peace in unbroken fellowship with your Heavenly Father.

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4 Comments on The story of a worm in an apple

  1. Thank you

  2. Amen, no need to pretend that you have no worm just because it has not come out yet but thank God who knows and sees the secret sins in our hearts, hallelluya to the Most High God

  3. Thank you Pastor!

  4. Excellent Dr. Ram and right on point!

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