Conquer rejection


The most crippling thing that we as human beings can experience is an attack on our personal value.

This cuts right at the heart of our right of existence and it paralyses us from achieving our potential.

Rejection is the devil’s tool for this process: when a message is communicated to us consistently that we are not required, we are the wrong person for the situation, we are not wanted or desirable, we are a nuisance or a problem.

Abandonment, adoption, sibling rivalry, relationship break-up, loss of a job, cliques and bullying are some of the ways that a mindset of rejection can set in.

We tend to internalize experiences we had as children even more than when we are adults, and these things can become  intimately a part of the fabric of our belief system about ourselves because we blame whatever went wrong on ourselves.

Rejection fosters self-introspection and self-hatred, because we believe that we are the problem. This is a product of the tendency we have as humans to find out who was at fault every time. The real killers in life are condemnation and shame. Even all kinds of autoimmune disorders will arise because of it, because the mind is attacking the body

We can manifest depression, hostility or a judgmental attitude towards others, or we can decide to rebel when there is no particular cause. All of these defense mechanisms are counterproductive because we are the ones who will pay the cost for our negative attitude.

Part of our maturing will be to stop attacking someone, even ourselves, when there is a problem; but just to allow ourselves and others the grace to be human and imperfect.

In the light of that, we have to make a conscious decision to approve and affirm ourselves to ourselves.

No human being is an accident no matter what the circumstances of their birth or of their life. Each one is created on purpose and has a unique dignity that comes from being made in the image of God.

Embrace the profound ability of God to hold you, to restore your virtue and your self esteem. Get into the atmosphere of the anointing and let your guard down so that the balm of God’s love can heal your wounded emotions.

Believe Him to restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten. You don’t need permission from anyone from this point onwards to live your life, to prosper and be successful at whatever it is you aspire to.

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4 Comments on Conquer rejection

  1. Excellent Dr. Ram! We have a retort to the Devil’s weak by-lines, in the word of God!  To receive and comprehend the gospel is to know yourself.  For as He is, so are we in this world!  We are not a defeated, accidental, leftover, unaccepted group of individuals.  When an introspective of one’s life is measured by God’s plume line, we began to realize that we are the disciples that Jesus loves! Edith


  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for ths profound teaching as m stl in the journey of conquering rejection nd i trust The Lord every step of the way coz only the balm of His Love can thoroughly heal me.

  3. Bettina Morgan // September 17, 2013 at 6:43 am // Reply

    A blessing…. man of God!!! So many of God’s people need to hear this! There are many lost and hurting due the spirit of rejection. This message is truly needed! From my youth I have dealt with it in many facets of my life! Thank you!!!

  4. Amen, I don’t need permission from any one to live my life all I need is Jesus the author and perfector of my faith. Am too preciuos in His sight and He created me for a purpose

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