Are humans getting better?

Preaching 3rd service

Deuteronomy 6:5

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.

Everything in life centers around qualifying. You qualify for promotion, to graduate from school or college, to earn certain rewards and to be able to enjoy certain privileges, and you have to qualify to come into God’s presence.

Much of life is spent trying to qualify.

The notion of qualifying has to do with the attainment of certain standards and the passing of tests or exams.

God’s standards are made clear by the law that was given to Moses; but if we try to reach those standards by working hard at it and giving of our best, we will still fail to qualify.

Humanists like to tell us that with greater education and more sophisticated methods of training people, we will become better and will be able to attain to perfection.

But the law wasn’t given for that purpose. It was never intended as a way of qualifying people to come to God by provoking them to match His standards. Its purpose was so that after the frustration of failing to even keep the first commandment and love God with ALL your heart,  we would be able to come to the conclusion, “My God, I need a Savior”

If only one person had been able to love God with all his heart, Jesus would have been unnecessary. As it is, even the preachers who tell you that you should, are not doing it themselves.

Asking a man to qualify by means of the law is like asking a severely disabled man to climb Mount Everest; and if he doesn’t, he will have to go to hell.

In that instance we may as well throw the man straight into hell, since there is no way, even after a hundred years that such a man is going to be able to get to the top of Everest.

But there is no need. Jesus has already qualified us by making an overpayment, which was His own precious blood, for everything that is wrong with us, past, present and future.

Just as God sought you out and found you when you first got born again to declare to you His salvation, so He will find you when you are struggling as a Christian. It isn’t a onetime event, because we never need to qualify. He has qualified us once and for all. The law makes demands on a spiritually bankrupt people, but grace supplies everything you need.

Because of Him there is provision of all kinds prepared with your name on it. Don’t try to follow the five point plan to attain to it, look to Jesus. He is the way-maker.

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2 Comments on Are humans getting better?

  1. I look to you Lord Jesus.

  2. Amen,I dont need a to do list to be qualified, Jesus has already qualified me once and for all, hallelluya to the King of Kings, I will not take my eyes off Him. He’s my redeemer,my peace, my sheild,my everything, glory to the Most high God

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