Will we have to look for you?


Psalm 110: 3

Your people shall be volunteers
In the day of Your power;
In the beauties of holiness, from the womb of the morning,
You have the dew of Your youth.

When we need anything to happen in our lives, we have an instinct to pursue it: health, success, restoration, marriage partner, money – whatever it is that we are feeling the lack of, it has the knack of becoming the focus of our attention.

For born again people, however, there is a sure fast way of  lining yourself up to receive exactly what it is that you long for – not by pushing and competing with others for it, but by doing what seems precisely counterproductive – by turning you attention to the Kingdom of God.

These verses talk of the willingness of people to serve the purposes of God when His power is flowing. They come forward not because they are earning a pay check, but because they discern the fact that God is on the move in their midst.

This is where we are at as a ministry right now.

When the anointing is flowing like never before, that is the season to come forward and sow your life into it.

As we willingly make a priority of God’s house, doing whatever it takes to make sure it gets built, He builds your house. As you take care of His business, he takes care of your business. The more you freely sow of your life, the more your reap of His presence, His goodness and restoring power. The dew of your youth is returned to you, and what takes others a lifetime, falls into place for you quickly.

The very results that you thought you ought to pursue in order to make sure you attained them, those things will be added to your life as you focus diligently on Kingdom business.

People will be running after you with contracts, longstanding court cases will be resolved, family members will find salvation, healing will manifest, and marriage partners will show up as you step forward to volunteer for God with the attitude which says, “You may need to look for others, but you won’t need to look for me. Wherever it’s happening, I’ll be there!”

Don’t let yourself think like a natural person about your life, allowing circumstances to dictate what is possible or likely for you. Tap into a higher flow of power and a more dependable system built on covenant promises. Let your expectation rest in Him.

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2 Comments on Will we have to look for you?

  1. Amen, am not a natural man, am a dead man but a vessel of honour for the Masters use here on earth and am not in competition with anyone but aligning myself to the Will of Elohim and to build His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. Glory to the Most High God

  2. Awesome word. “No need to look for me, I’ll be wherever it’s happening” Sowing my life into the kingdom of GOD and ministry that has been such a master key to my transformed life through the word primarily but also in so many other areas. My life has taken a 400 degree turnaround in 6months compared to 12years of hard labour believing that will get me the blessings of the lord and as a believer you have to suffer something, frustration, tears, lack, been ostracized, beat down, never a nice word being said to you, no love, been around clichés etc…etc…etc. Been at my job for 51/2 years without a much needed raise or any breakthroughs in my life. After hearing this teaching on 8/4/2013 “Soundness, Breakthrough and Victory it connected sooo with my very being plus the other teachings I’d heard I went to work on Monday 8/5/13 management wanted to see me and by Tuesday 8/6/13 I had gotten a raise saying ” it’s high time you got a raise” I had decided not to say anything to GOD anymore because he knows what I have need of! not to mention all the favours all in 6mths compared to 12 years, and it all continues, there’s so much more to share.Now that the veil has been removed, Jesus has been revealed to me, I see him, know the truth which has set me sooo free I am tapping into a higher flow of power and more dependable system built on covenant promises. So it’s not a chore to sow my life, to GOD be the glory!! Because as he is, so am I in this world. 1 John 4:17.

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