Don’t miss the revolution

Week of Breakthrough

Something huge is about to happen. We have a divine mandate which must be accomplished.

We aren’t here to find out if God will do it. As Christians we are not finding out the future as it happens. Every day is just an unfolding of that which  have seen in the Holy Ghost.

Do not underestimate the grace of God over your life. The preaching of Jesus is what will change lives, and this doesn’t mean you have to open your mouth and speak. Just you showing up in church may give someone else an assurance that this is worth listening to. Before you know it whole families are getting saved because that person then brought many others.

You don’t realize that just by smiling and saying hello, you are releasing the grace of God. You trigger someone else’s destiny.

Don’t spend your whole life just discovering yourself: your intellectual brilliance, or your social potency, or your ability to make money; if you are chasing success, you need to know that there is nothing more empty than having money and fame and popularity at the expense of your purpose.

When you have all the money and fame, if you don’t pursue the purpose for which you were born, so that the Kingdom is at the center of what you are doing, even your money will start to eat you up.

God alone will satisfy the longings of your soul.

God is establishing a kingdom in the Earth. Church isn’t a business and it’s not just about meetings. We are agents from another world.

There is a secret revolution happening in the Earth. The kingdom is as though a man put yeast in among the dough and it spread through the whole batch. While it looks like nothing is happening, the kingdoms of this world are being transformed into the kingdom of our God and His Christ.

You won’t be aware of it, much less take part if you are preoccupied with your life.

You won’t be delivered from your issues whilst you focus on them. Focus on the greater issue which is the kingdom of God, and as you seek first the kingdom of God you will be delivered.

If you want breakthrough, invest yourself in the kingdom of God. If you want a man, he will find you whilst you are pursuing God, not while you are pursuing him. The greatest thing we can give our lives to is the eternal purpose of God.

When you come to church, that’s why we serve and give our lives to the purposes of God. That’s why we are nice in church because the person next to you is God’s agenda.

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2 Comments on Don’t miss the revolution

  1. Amen, we are created to worship God alone and Him alone and to make His name great, any other agendas are worthy nothing compared to Elohim. Lord help us to understand the essense of Who You are and to worship you in truth and in spirit. Glory to the Most High God. Lord you are worthy of all the glory and honour. Your nature itself reveals how awesome You are Lord

  2. I agree 100% Pastor Mumba! My family and I have been attending El Shaddai Houston for a little over 1 month and our lives have not been the same. Supernatural things are occurring in every area of our lives. We are thankful you for the messages you preach each week, straight from the word of God, rightly divided, and perfectly articulated in a practical way.

    Blessings to you and Pastor Star abundantly!

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