The one thing that makes the difference

1 Corinthians 15:49

And as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly Man.

Do pastors really understand what it means to be a pastor?

Many people’s church experience is entirely human centred. They go to be told be told what is wrong with them and how to go away and fix it so that they can be like Jesus.

They are offered many six-point strategies for obtaining their desire results, but in essence there is no difference between them and the unbelievers who get similar wisdom from motivational and self help books.

Prospering in the world by natural wisdom and strategy is not that hard. To understand what to do in certain situations by means of knowledge of the facts and shrewd thinking; and to be able to prevail using natural resources is effective to a point; but what do you do when the doctors can’t help you, or when your demographic excludes you from certain things through no fault of your own; or when events overtake you and spiral out of control?

This is the story of our humanity. Sooner or later we hit limits, all the while knowing that we were born to overcome, yet not being able to. We bear the image of the man of dust. We are the seed of the first Adam, whose world closed in on him the day sin entered.

Yet in the midst of this natural life, we see Jesus, the last Adam: the Heavenly Man, and we know that we are called to be like Him. But how can that ever really happen?

Being introspective will not change anything. It is possible to go to church for years, repenting and turning away from all sorts of wrong things, but never seeing change because until someone actually reveals Jesus, we are stuck.

Why? Because Jesus is our answer. The day we start getting bored of hearing how awesome He is and that He has done it all for us, is the day that Heaven no longer has answers to offer us.

But if we will focus on Jesus and get revelation of Him, we can be transformed sweatlessly into His image, set to go from glory to glory.

The real and much needed anointing of the pastor is to reveal Jesus, the Heavenly Man. That is it in a nutshell.

Pastors, don’t take centre stage, or allow your people to do so in their own lives. Put Jesus into the spotlight and reveal another aspect of who He is every time you preach and teach!

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