How to approach God for breakthrough

Romans 8:2

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.

Our God has made a way for us to win: a way to rise up above the limitations of our natural lives and experience a supernatural quality of life.

Christians often live below these privileges due to a lack in understanding how to enter in to all that God has provided for them.

Notice that there are laws which govern these two different experiences of living. This is an orderly planet ruled by spiritual law. If we don’t understand this we will think that we can approach God according to personal custom or preference and will wonder why certain things never happen for us.

Here is one major factor in seeing the power of God made manifest as we relate to Him from day to day.

As we come into God’s presence, we have to stir ourselves up.

We are spiritual beings living in a natural context and it is so easy to become dragged down into the limitations of our flesh. If we are not careful we start to limit God by insisting that He operate on that same level.

But we cannot come to Him in a subdued way, with our minds half on the trouble of the day, and the other half preoccupied with fear that God won’t answer our need. We have to engage with Him and give Him our all.

We cannot treat worship as a show, critiquing songs and standing back to enjoy the music, as we might in a concert. Worshipping God is not an optional extra; our energized and wholehearted praise is precious to Him. Not only that but it engages His presence and releases His power.

He is a mighty King. When we come into His presence we do not have an option to stay quiet if we truly respect Him as God in our lives.

It’s not a time to focus on us, but to come out of ourselves and focus on Him. As we praise Him boldly and powerfully, only then can our spirit take ascendancy over our flesh as our eyes are on Him alone.

Then there comes a moment of release when the anointing becomes tangible and stillness pervades our hearts and minds. We find ourselves in another realm – the realm where what is impossible according to natural law, now becomes possible.

That’s the moment to ask Him for what is on our hearts. That’s the moment when breakthrough comes.

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2 Comments on How to approach God for breakthrough

  1. Powerfull! I love this.

  2. Amen, thank you Lord, You have given me a spirit of lover power and a sound.

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