Who Should I ask on a date?


Because of bad experiences, Christians are often disillusioned and desperate about establishing a successful relationship with the opposite sex, such that people don’t know who to date any more – or even if they should date.

However, if you adopt the mindset that hoping for much of anything in a relationship is just a setup for disappointment, you may end up settling for despair and mediocre relationships because anything beautiful will probably seem too good to be true. You deserve God’s best and He will show you good in your future.

Wake up to the fact that some people who are friendly at first are drawn to you because you advance their interests in some way. Be discerning so as not to invest yourself wrongly.

The agenda of your real friends is your well-being, and your boyfriend or girlfriend must be, first and foremost, your friend.

Here are some tips to help the ladies understand the men:

  • If a man doesn’t call you and always has an excuse as to why he’s unavailable, the truth is he doesn’t dig you.
  • Sometimes a kind man may end up leading you along if you don’t give him space to let you know it’s not working for him.
  • If he never shows you to his friends and family, chances are that you are his spare rib or he just wants to fool around with you for a while.
  • If he  always disappears for long unexplained periods of time from your life, chances are he has a dark secret that you shouldn’t stay around to discover.
  • The more insecure a man is, the louder he is and the more he has a tendency to throw his weight around.

Guys, If you are a believer and you can’t keep your snake in its cage, you already know that you don’t have the gift of celibacy. So, it’s time to stop breaking hearts and messing with people’s emotions and destinies and man up by finding someone you can love and give your whole self to them and to the purpose of God! Real men commit because nothing of significance ever happens without commitment.

In making your choices, stay clear of this person, whether man or woman if they:

  • Consistently display vulgar behavior
  • Are arrogant or overconfident
  • Manipulate and use desperate  tactics
  • Expect and ask for too much too soon
  • Turn everything into a debate
  • Are secretive and not just private
  • Have violent tendencies and a hot temper
  • Are careless with words and speak without being considerate
  • Are only concerned about their own advantage
  • Don’t have any authority figures that they are submitted to

When you mature, you begin to realize that there’s no such thing as a casual date. So investigate before you invest your affections and then have fun building genuine trust and open communication. This is the pathway to true, lifelong intimacy.

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  1. Jamilah Musah // June 27, 2013 at 11:08 am // Reply

    Good read

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