God is already impressed with you

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Hebrews 6:1

Therefore, leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ, let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God

The Bible refers to repentance from dead works as a foundational doctrine of Christianity. That means that a full grasp of what this is all about will be crucial for a believer to be able to move on into the deeper things from God’s Word.

Yet for so many church goers repentance is based on very little understanding – resulting in many pseudo-spiritual, highly dramatic, theatrical demonstrations of contrition for sinful acts at the altar.

This behavior is far from consistent with the Word.

True repentance is having a genuine change of mind about something.

Every time I preach the Word, people are repenting all over the room, since they are hearing something new from the Word that they never seen before. Those same people are quietly adjusting their thinking and adopting another perspective on the issues of life. They are repenting.

Repentance is NOT about making a show in church to get noticed; nor is it about altering your behavior when others are around, but finding a better way of doing the wrong thing in secret when no one else can see.

Repentance from dead works is when you change your mind about the value of working hard to impress God. When you realize that what you do will not affect the outcome of the equation for the believer. When you realize that you are not actually earning anything by any of your praying, confessing, giving and acting right; and when it dawns on you that nothing you do will ever move God, since Jesus Christ accomplished everything on your behalf before you were born and now He is seated at the right hand of the Father. He has done all the moving He is ever going to do on your behalf!

Everything you get from God, you get because HE already gave it; not because you confessed.

Of late we have made even the message of faith into a work. People are making confessions like their life depended on it, because in their minds, it does!

The church is full of dead works to get God to release what we need, yet we are already God’s favorite child.

Stop doing things to earn his favor and start simply believing that God has already done it all.

God is already impressed with you! Enjoy it!

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