Choose grace not shame

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Genesis 3:10
He (Adam) answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

God’s desire is that human beings would walk with Him every day of their lives.

He doesn’t just want to see you in church; His plan for you is a life that flows under a sweat-less anointing.

So why do we settle for being a spectator in church and running our lives alone? Why do we call ourselves believers, yet work the same system as unbelievers in order to be blessed? Why do we feel the need to be our own God?

Genesis 3:10 gives us profound insight into what keeps us from feeling comfortable with our God to the point where we want to share our days with Him.

It is shame.

The knowledge that we aren’t who we ought to be.

When sin entered Adam’s spirit it altered his entire nature. It wasn’t simply that he did wrong things, but it changed him so completely on the inside that everything about him was WRONG before God – to the very core of him.

When Adam discovered this, his answer was to sow fig leaves together to hide his nakedness. This was the first human attempt to patch things up with God on his own. It was not successful; God already knew his issues.

Our efforts to  qualify for God’s favor are nothing but a bunch of fig leaves and religion is simply about concealing deep-seated shame.

Yet trying to placate God with right actions, only reveals a lack of grasp of the problem.

Only the pure blood of a Lamb without blemish could wash away the sin from men’s inner core. Only the sinless Son of God could give to us the gift of righteousness – being RIGHT in every way before God.

Just as in the Garden of Eden, God killed an animal to clothe Adam and Eve and cover their nakedness, so Jesus offered Himself up as a sacrifice so that we could be clothed with His skin. God no longer sees your sin, He sees Jesus.

Under the Old Covenant obedience is the reason for the blessing coming on our lives; but under the New Covenant we choose to walk in cooperation with God because of His grace.

Don’t labor to make it in life by your shrewdness, your intelligence and your ability to cover the truth about yourself. You will only be disappointed because you trusted in yourself.

Choose the life of grace.

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3 Comments on Choose grace not shame

  1. Gwen Chitundu // June 4, 2013 at 11:39 pm // Reply

    I appreciate you Pastors. You have been my pillar and I thank God for your life. I also thank God for Pastor Star she has such a beautiful spirit and I just love it when you come with her to London. God bless you Pastors me and my daughter Natasha always pray for you.

  2. edmond zanga // June 5, 2013 at 10:11 am // Reply

    timely word for this dispensation of grace……. Thnk you

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