Are you living beneath your privileges?

DRM and PS speedboat

2 Timothy 2:15

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth

We aren’t supposed to be eating spiritual candy in church!

God expects us to study His Word and to understand the contexts for each part of it.

Many believers have taken scriptures out of context and read the Old Testament as though it is all directed to the New Testament believer, without grasping that the Bible is progressive revelation of God’s nature.

Before the death and resurrection of Jesus, if you came to God, you would come up against the demands of His holiness. He was unable to deny this aspect of His nature to be good to us as He desired, and so the sin of mankind kept Him at a distance.

But when Jesus gave Himself up for us, pouring out His blood on the cross, and presenting it on the Heavenly mercy seat as a pacifying atonement,  once and for all for the entire sin of mankind, God’s favor was released in all it’s fullness.

Consequently we are in a different dispensation to our Old Covenant counterparts.

The Old Covenant was there to show us what we are not and to point us towards the coming of the Savior, who would redeem us from out of our hopeless state of slavery to sin.

The New Covenant, however, lets us know that the whole Earth is ours! Jesus demonstrated to us how much we are worth; but if you don’t know it for yourself, you will live below your privileges.

Maybe you are still waiting to qualify to become an heir of the money you need, the health you desire, the business you dream of, the anointing you long for.

Jesus has already paid the price for everything. It is in your heavenly account with your name on it. And now that the blood of Jesus has been shed on your behalf; all you have to do to receive is ask, believing you are entitled to it.

It’s time to become confident in who we are, and how we now stand before God. It’s time to approach God’s throne BOLDLY and step up into all that God has for us.

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1 Comment on Are you living beneath your privileges?

  1. Amen thank God for the B I B L E, it’s an open cheque for whosoever believes in His Word and have the right revelation knowledge of the Word of God, nothing is impossible with ELOHIM, thank you Lord, the bible says I can have what I want, ,no more limits am stretching my capacity to receive my heavenly blessings in Jesus name! I have commissioned my angles to brings ALL my blessing to me NOW! am the only recipient of these blessings,the have my name on it wow! am not in competition with anyone, halleluya! Enyoy your blessings Pastors

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