Don’t fear the lion wannabe

1 John 4:17
Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.

I wonder if you, as a believer, are waiting for the day of judgment to come in fear and trepidation about what God will say about all the times you missed it, and the times you failed to obey Him. If that is the case you haven’t understood that the day you became born again, everything changed.

That very day was the day your were judged!

Jesus Christ was your substitute, taking the punishment for all your sin, and you were judged right along with Him. The day you received Him, you immediately shared in His death. It is no longer you who live, but Christ who now lives in you since you also shared in His resurrection from the dead.

You are quite literally living another man’s life, since the old you has passed away and your life is now hidden in Christ!

When you realize that the pressure is not on you to perform, in the day when life confronts you,  you will have boldness.

If the devil is after you, let Him come. He isn’t actually a roaring lion; he is only a lion wannabe!. He can’t come to your house without thinking twice about it, since the blood has been applied.

If you live your life based on works, your mantra is, “As am I, so am I in this world”. Everything is up to you.

But when you get born again and you don’t have the money, you recognize that He has the money. When you don’t feel well, He has your healing; when someone comes against you, He will fight your battles and those who come against you will flee before you in seven directions. When someone scares you, our God is a consuming fire. You don’t have to take care of yourself, God takes care of you.

Jesus is our champion and because we are in Him we are more than conquerors.

A conqueror enjoys consistent victory in confrontation, but we don’t even have to get into the fray; He won, so we get to enjoy the victory also just by virtue of being in Him! That’s why we are MORE than conquerors in this life.

Don’t let life scare you or people intimidate you, and most of all, don’t tremble before God.

Instead WORSHIP Him for his faithfulness to you and enter into the realm of unlimited possibilities in Him.

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2 Comments on Don’t fear the lion wannabe

  1. Amen, Praise God, He has won the VICTORY for me!

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