Just the look in your eyes…

DRM and PS laying on hands

The greatest need of every human being is to be loved and accepted in spite of their issues. Yet unconditional, extravagant love is something that the world knows nothing about.

You are made in the image of God. You have more value than any of your mistakes can nullify. There is nothing wrong with you to disqualify you in the eyes of God. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you, no matter what you do. He will never fail you.

When we have a church that is truly filled with genuine, heartfelt love, people will run to the church. We won’t need to preach the gospel in words, our lives, our actions, the very look in our eyes will speak of the compassion and goodness of our Heavenly Father.

As believers our first calling is to live a life of love. Don’t hold your life back. It was given to you to spend on others.

The essence of living is connectedness. You haven’t lived until you have loved with everything that you are.

You have to lose the fear of getting hurt and invest your life in being there for others, in being the one  they know they can turn to when they fear that everyone else will reject them.

Whatever my members do, I will never be ashamed or embarrassed by them. I will come to the prison if necessary to tell them that I love them and I am proud of them. They are my sons and daughters. I will never turn them away.

I have come to recognize this: many of the issues that people face, which society medicates, counsels or throws money at by way of expensive social initiatives, would be resolved if only someone was to look them in the eye and say to them; “You are important and valuable. I love you because you reflect the image of God.”

The brokenness and sin of another human being should draw from us a depth of compassion.

All the time that we use the mistakes of another person to elevate ourselves and gain “brownie points”, we are limiting the operation of the supernatural in our midst. Healings and creative miracles of all kinds will only be able to find full expression where we are more concerned to love than to please ourselves.

This is a new season. It’s a season of the supernatural, of breakthrough and of valuing the humanity of every person.

We are going up a gear in love!

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2 Comments on Just the look in your eyes…

  1. Amen, powerfull!

  2. Amen! we have to be a people of compassion towards mankind to fully operate in the purposes of our God given callings

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