The weight is lifted

Life Uncensored 3-10-2013

Romans 4:7

Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, And whose sins are covered

When Paul wrote this, he was quoting King David, who, though he lived under the Old Covenant had the foresight to perceive that there was coming another day, in which men could live under an open Heaven, in full knowledge of God’s forgiveness.

For the Jew this was too good to be true. Living as they did before Jesus came, under the law, in which every sin earned divine retribution and the weight of responsibility to keep the law was always worsened by constant failure and fear of punishment, King David was crying out in his heart for that day of freedom from that intolerable weight.

King David knew the devastation of getting it wrong. His own mistakes had caused a sword to go through his own household. There was no remission of that sin: he had to bear the consequences alone.

The day we are living in is very different! The first gift that we receive as we come to God and allow ourselves to be born again, is that of forgiveness.

This is not so much about individual acts that we have done, so much an entire inner makeover. Our old nature of sin is gone and we are recreated entirely on the inside and given a new nature – one that loves God and desires to please Him.

We shouldn’t be praying and asking God to create in us a clean heart, as King David did. He has already done it.

We must stop relating to God as if we are under the Old Covenant. We need no longer fear Him, since very punishment has now been laid on Jesus. We are not waiting to be punished, because Jesus Christ was our substitute.

Instead of guilt and shame we have been given the gift of release from living as though we are about to be judged. Now we are expecting to be blessed. Our part is to receive it in full and extend that same gift to others.

As you choose to forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt you, you can do so in the knowledge that  whatever injustice has happened in your life, God is able and ready to make it up to you. He can and will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies. Don’t focus on the LOSS but the God of SHALOM. No good thing will He withhold from you.

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