This is my Bible

This is my Bible

This is my Bible

I am what it says I am

I can do what it says I can do

I have what it says I have

This day I will be taught the Word of God

And I boldly declare that my mind is alert

And my heart is receptive

And I will never be the same again,

Because of the incorruptible, indestructible, ever-living Word of God.

Therefore I declare, in the name of Jesus, that this is my receiving day

This is my receiving day

And I expect a miracle today

In Jesus’s name,


Every time we gather around the Word at El-Shaddai we make this confession before God.

We set our hearts to receive, because coming to church isn’t about just coming to spectate, it is about hearing and being healed; it is about being planted in the house of God and being built together with others to create a living house. It is about a dynamic supernatural relationship with a Holy God.

In El-Shaddai we understand that we are heirs of the world. We aren’t making small plans.

God knows he is God. You can’t vote over the will of God. Neither are we trying to make God acceptable to man, by trying to find a way to package Him in a manner that is pleasing to the un-renewed person. On the contrary, it is man who has a need to be make acceptable to God.

As believers we don’t apologize for who we are or for our lives.  We recognize that revelation separates us from the crowd and causes us to live and operate differently. That’s how come we can live a higher life, because we live by the Word, and not leaning to our own understanding.

Don’t choke on who God is, or on what He wants to do with your life. When you hear something that God will do that just seems to be too good to be true; like Mary, Jesus’ mother, let your confession be, “Be it unto me according to your Word”

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  1. Be unto me according to your Word.

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