Being a father


Fatherhood is the highest calling that a man can answer.

The tragedy for so many men is that they have no one to teach them how to become a father.

Being a father hasn’t even begun at the point when a baby is brought into the world. A man must be willing to parent the child he procreates.

This is a challenge for which many men feel inadequate because they, themselves have never been fathered. Or else they have an image of how it should be from their own father and never grow past that.

A father shouldn’t be feared, he should be loved and admired. If a man is so determined to be respected in his home that he fills the atmosphere with tension, he is not being a true father. Rules without relationship equal rebellion. There is trouble up ahead if a man believes he should run his home based on enforcing rules and standards.

A father is supposed to provide love, acceptance and security. The entire family should feel safe when he is around. The cry, “Daddy’s home” should bring happiness to their hearts, not cause them to want to run and hide!

A man should provide a sense of identity for his children. So many times I recall my father telling me, ” We are the Mumba’s and we are different. We love God.” That marked me for life!

A man can set his children up to be strong in character by demonstrating honor and a willingness to take responsibility before his kids. He doesn’t need to pretend to them that he is perfect; he will still succeed as a father even if he makes significant mistakes as long as his kids see his honesty and courage in facing up to them.

The biggest thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother; and every man needs to make himself accountable to a pastor whom he respects.

As a pastor and father of the house of El-Shaddai, I will never grow too important to play with the kids. They are my members and they are under my care. I need to let them know that we love and accept them. They are fellow heirs of the Kingdom of God with us.

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2 Comments on Being a father

  1. Amen, love this.

  2. Amen, they are God’s apple eyes and masterpieces to fulfil God’s purpose here on earth

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