Whoever heard of a license to sin?

4-28-13 H&M 4

John 1:17

For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

There is much controversy about grace in Christian circles.

Preachers go as far as to call it “greasy grace” and they steer away from teaching about God’s unconditional favor. They never take time to appreciate the RICHES of His grace because they are afraid that such teaching will give people a license to sin!

Whoever heard of people asking for a license before they sin? It simply doesn’t happen. The nature of sin is rebellion.

 We were once slaves of sin, but when we received the grace of God, our hearts grew cold to sin. It lost its attraction.

Yet what happens to many Christians once they have received the grace of God to be born again? Many go to a church where the law is preached and sin suddenly becomes an issue again, since the law is what keeps us in condemnation and bondage to our weaknesses and failings. Paul talked all about it in Romans chapter 7.

Yet the grace of God is not even a doctrine, it is the person of Jesus Christ.

The law was given impersonally, but grace came to find us and to declare that God was issuing a decree from Heaven that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH US.

Many people treat grace lightly because they haven’t come face to face with their own ugliness yet. They still think that they aren’t doing that badly with God on their own, and they treat Jesus as something of a helper in their relationship with God.

But when the time comes when the sickness of their human soul becomes clear to them and they realize the inevitability of their entrapment in the death cycle without Jesus Christ, the magnitude of what God did in sending Jesus to bear the weight of all of that and to cancel it out begins to dawn.

Grace is not lawlessness; He teaches you how to live. You will never choose to rebel against the One who has loved you so much. When the tenderness of God’s heart towards you warms your heart also, you will exercise GENUINE restraint APART from the law to please Him.

Grace speaks of new possibilities, open doors and prosperity; regained mastery and dominion in life; a hope and future in spite of all that has happened. It speaks of the unmitigated LOVE of God.

Make it your purpose to embrace the person of Grace.

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1 Comment on Whoever heard of a license to sin?

  1. Amen, the bible says my people perish because of lack of knowledge, thank you Pastor for the revelation knowledge of the person GRACE, may the Lord help us to renew our minds and operate in this dispensation of Grace not in the Law of Moses, Halleluya!

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