God’s heart is tender

1 Samuel 2:30

…But now the Lord says: ‘Far be it from Me; for those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.

People come to God feeling like they have to beg for a miracle. They are anxious that God will not be moved until they pray, fast and entreat God long and hard.

But God is easily entreated. His heart is tender towards his people.

When you set yourself to honor God, He will honor you in ways that people can’t match. He will honor you in your finances, in your family, in your job, in your friendships – He will make sure you receive some breakthroughs because He is no man’s debtor.

A person who has dedicated their life serving God by serving others will never spend their life stranded in their own personal life. It’s against the laws of nature and providence. You should never feel abandoned by God just because the honor you were expecting seems elusive right now.

People get nervous when it comes to offering time in church because they forget that there is more than one thing happening. They think it is just about them placing their money in the offering bucket, yet their action provokes a response.

Jesus paid far too high a price for us not to get results. It is impossible to honor God without Him empowering you to prosper in every department of life.

Sometimes we can get lost in the emptiness of multiple confessions to try to get a response from God. We have made faith into a work! We have started to have faith in faith, rather that in God.

But true faith is when we see God for who He is and place our trust in Him – when we act towards Him with genuine, heartfelt honor- and our words and actions come into line with the revelation we have received of who He is.

We are saved according to the riches of His grace. If you can’t understand His love, you can never understand how saved you are; but when you get a glimpse of Jesus, and you turn to Him to honor Him with your life, you realize that you are a candidate for God to do you so much good, that you won’t even be able to contain it all.

Place your trust in the riches of His grace today, and do something to honor Him. He will honor you right back.


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2 Comments on God’s heart is tender

  1. Amen, thank you Pastor your teaching is helping me to grow spiritually and have revelation knowledge of the Word

  2. Mary J Bryant // April 25, 2013 at 7:16 am // Reply

    What an awesome post about honoring God. I do believe we sometimes forget about the nature and providence of God. And we (I) need that reminder, that renewing of the mind.
    There have been times when life’s challenges were surrounding me and my faith in God assured me that God knows and sees and is able to deliver me and that was all I had strength to do-is believe and trust God.
    This post brings Malachi 3:16-18 and 4:2. I love God’s holy Word.
    God bless Pastor Mumba.

    In God’s Hand & God’s Service,
    Mary J. Bryant

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