Healing relationships


This is the year when we will see and are seeing God do amazing things in our families and relationships as we enter through the open door of family wholeness.

This year the miracle will start and rest in your home. God will heal broken relationships; children will come home; barrenness will leave and no sickness or plague shall come near your dwelling.

The Lord will renew your family relationships with genuine love, affection and tenderness. Whatever you might have lost over the years will be restored a thousand times more to you and your loved ones. There will be opportunities to make right things that you could and should have done better before.

I declare that God will grant unto you an amnesty in all vital relationships with special grace to refresh, rebuild, recover, restore, revive and strengthen all that is precious to you. I decree that the spirit of division will have no share in your inheritance.

May you find the wisdom of God as you negotiate the various complex and intricate details of mending and healing challenged relationships with a spirit of grace which would lead you to unprecedented reconciliations.

I declare that you will not only win in life’s enterprises but also importantly in your private and personal life.

May you find, this side of Heaven, a genuinely breathtaking and yet transcendent love.

A love that nourishes and never wounds; A love that heals and doesn’t hurt; A love that rejuvenates and doesn’t drain you;

A love that protects and gives the advantage instead of take advantage; A love that compliments and never competes;

A love that celebrates your potential and believes in your dreams;

A love that is not self-centered nor self-seeking; A love that freely forgives and never keeps a record of wrong;

A love that invests in you without any agenda of pay back later; A love that makes room for the best expression of all your essence without apology;

A love that stirs up a Holy and passionate pursuit of God’s purpose and never hinders it;

A love that literally give you a glimpse of the sublime.

May God equip those who have such a love with the wisdom to steward it and those who are still under construction with the grace to change in order to make room for it.

 Lift your expectations to believe for these things for yourself, even as you work on embodying them for another.

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2 Comments on Healing relationships

  1. john kasoma // April 10, 2013 at 10:49 am // Reply


  2. I believe & recieve in Jesus name. I love this.

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