Overcoming inferiority

Many of us struggle in life with inferiority: that feeling that others have more right to be alive and to have their say and to prosper than we have.

It was a turning point in my life when I realized that I am equal before God with all men. I have just the same right to have anything that anyone else has in this life because the blood of Jesus is no more powerful in anyone else’s life than it is in mine!

I realized that bullies try and intimidate you to explain yourself to them so that they can judge you and assign you to a low seat in life. You should not let them even into your head. They have nothing to do with your future and yet you give them so much of your time and attention.

Jesus never allowed Himself to be controlled and pushed around and He never yielded to the pressure to explain Himself to anyone.

It is OK to be cold towards that person who is trying to exert control over you and bully you. They won’t stop until their treatment doesn’t affect you.

Decide that you are not going there. You are not going to be lured into fighting and fussing, and being pulled around in your feelings by all kinds of people who will not be there in 5 years’ time – or less! People who, if you were hungry, wouldn’t even buy you a sandwich! Leave them to wallow in their foolishness and don’t give them the satisfaction of using the same strategy over and over gain to rile you because it works on you every time.

You are too distinguished to get into a brawl. Little people like to fight big people, because they like the drama and attention that it brings to them. But you are bigger then that. Don’t permit them to rule your emotions.

If you get involved in fighting a loser, it causes you to lose credibility. You lower yourself to their level. Ask yourself, “What do I stand to win if I engage?”

Many people don’t ever get to fight for their destiny because they are too busy fighting peripherals in their lives.

Master and accept yourself.

Decide, “I don’t owe anyone an explanation except my pastor and those I have made myself accountable to. The world may be mean, but I can train them not to handle me that way.”

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  1. Brilliant, Amen!

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