It’s time to dump religion

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Galatians 5:4

You have become estranged from Christ, you who attempt to be justified by law

It is horrifying to me how many people get born again into the freedom of knowing God, and then get right back into bondage again by trying hard to please God with their works: their praying, their fasting, their confessing and their good behavior.

They feel weighed down by the duties they have to carry out to be a “good” and “successful” Christian.

We have an idea that somehow, when we prayed, that was when God released the answer. But we are not making God do anything. He had already taken care of it through Jesus.

In fact, whenever a person reckons that they are righteous by what they do, it is always because they have defined what righteousness is on their terms! If you think you can water down righteousness to appear like you are meeting the standard, you don’t really know who God is.

We are not supposed to live by the rigidity of the law any more! We cannot relate to God by it. It is those who are led by the Spirit who are the true sons of God.

The problem has been that religion hinders us from hearing God’s voice and recognizing it. We can get to be so driven by the need to perform and please people, that we are literally estranged and distant from Him, even though we are His children, invited to draw near.

Church people have worn their church face for so long that they have forgotten their normal face.

You aren’t living by a checklist and in fear that you will be under a curse fi you don’t pray and read the Bible for a day!

God will talk to you through the words of a song that isn’t even a “Christian” song, or through your unsaved boss at work! But you can be so rigid and uptight that you fail to hear the voice behind the words and you miss your instruction. You live by such strict boundaries that you don’t recognize God outside of the four walls of the church.

It’s time to dump religion and yield to the Lordship of Jesus.

He will teach you how to live a life motivated by honor and love for God.

That is the only life that satisfies!

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1 Comment on It’s time to dump religion

  1. Amen to this, we need to renew our minds daily, thank God for Him being God not man

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