Accept it – You are important!

Ephesians 1:11

In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will

It can sometimes be quite depressing to see Christians perpetuating the same life style as if Jesus never came.

We are determined that our lives will be different to those of unbelievers. In Jesus Christ we have already obtained an inheritance. That means that the day to day realities of my life can now be higher than the natural realm dictates they should be.

From here on out we have to get out of qualification mode. We have to stop listening to the Word and reading the Bible with a mindset of finding out what we have to do to get our inheritance. we have already obtained it. It is settled.

God didn’t ask anyone if they would agree that we qualified. He didn’t consult with anyone else at all for their opinion before He made a decision about this. He did it after the counsel of His own will.

Note that it is not just a suggestion that you and I should enjoy an inheritance. It is the will of God.

In the same way it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like you, or who says it is impossible for you, or how unqualified you feel, you still qualify to be a land owner, to be anointed, to be healed, to have your needs met and see your dreams come to pass, to be more than a conqueror and to have your family working right.

You are not waiting for anyone else’s permission and you don’t need to do anything extra. You qualify for the best!

Yet believers tiptoe around God as if He is hard to please and hard to solicit favor from. That delicate dance needs to stop!

Know that you are important in His presence. The trouble with Christians is they don’t KNOW they are important, so they have to ACT important so that they will FEEL important, rather than just KNOWING that they have nothing to prove!

It should be normal for you to expect God to hear you. He will never hide his face from you – He already did that to Jesus.

Let your relationship with God become stable. Have confidence that He is for you and that your future is secure. He will NEVER mismanage your life. Your future is BRIGHT when you trust HIM!


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