Finding that special relationship


Star and I are believing God for every person who is looking to get married; that you will find a person you can connect with and form that special relationship.

Ladies,  if you find a man who is polished and sophisticated, the chances are that he already belongs to someone else.

You will be the one to bring out the best in a man, so don’t just desire one that is ready made.

When you are in the early stages of getting to know a man, remember that the most dangerous kind of man is the one who makes you so comfortable that he disarms you, and not the one who is obviously an idiot. You cannot be too spiritual; you have to be wise.

Men have such a need for someone to validate their masculinity, that an admiring woman will mesmerize him.

A man will gravitate to you if in your presence he is the king. If you make him feel like a dog he will run. You will have to lose your militant and dramatic ways around a man or you will scare him off!

Guys, a woman will never be around someone she doesn’t like. If a woman is always around you she likes you. If you never see her anywhere near you; she simply doesn’t like you. Don’t be fooled by the wave she gave you from a distance. That wave let you know that she is about as close to you as she wants to get!

You should choose a woman who is so good that standing next to her makes you want to smarten up and be better; and be honest about your intentions towards her at any point.

Lastly, become the person you want to marry. Don’t be looking for someone who is a virgin if you are out there sowing your wild oats. Be realistic and not unreasonable. You will only end up disappointed if you have a list of desired criteria for your mate that are just impossibly demanding. We are all works in progress.

Don’t be saying you want someone anointed if you are full of gossip and you love to have the last word in a discussion. You have to be anointed too.

Work on yourself as you believe God for your mate. And remember, it is never too late to be happily married. Get rid of the mindset of being left on the shelf. Keep believing God and He will fulfill the desires of your heart as you honor Him.

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